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New Exclusive Interview: Dickie Moore

I was privileged to have the opportunity to speak with NHL Hall-of-Famer Dickie Moore on October 28, 2010, from his offices at Dickie Moore Rentals in Montreal.

What an engaging, fascinating discussion it was. We chatted for more than an hour, and we covered a wide range of topics—memories from his junior hockey days, his early years with the Montreal Canadiens and some cherished teammates such as Butch Bouchard, Rocket Richard, Bert Olmstead and Doug Harvey and coach Toe Blake.

We talked of course about his comeback with the Maple Leafs in the mid 60s, and his final NHL season with the St. Louis Blues in 1968.

During the interview, I mistakenly refer to the Montreal "Production Line", which of course was actually Abel, Lindsay and Howe in Detroit. The Lach-Blake-Richard trio was the "Punch Line". But most importantly, it's a great discussion and Moore shares some stories you may not have heard before. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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