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Coming soon: The 10 ‘best’ Leafs from 1957 to the present

I’ve been developing my thoughts in recent weeks as to who are the “best” Leafs of the past 50 or so years- basically in my lifetime as Leaf fan.

My memories go back to the late 50s, and I’ve followed the club pretty closely, as many of you have, since that time.

We all have our own perspectives and views on such things and that’s part of the fun of engaging in a lively discussion. Later, I will also share reflections on the best Leaf “team” of all-time - not a Leaf team from a particular year, though that’s a great discussion, too, but who were/are the best Leafs at various positions, making up a 20-man roster, from 1957 to the present time.

But in this particular instance, I’m assessing players who have been the 10 ‘best’ overall performers for the Leafs since 1957 onwards.

One can rightly argue there is a difference between “best” players and “favorite” players. For example, Tie Domi was a favorite of many Leaf fans in the 90’s and into this decade, but I don’t sense anyone would consider him one of the “best” all-time Leafs, or even of the last 20 years.

So, I invite your feedback and comments. I’m guessing there will be some omissions that some will not agree with. I’m struggling with my list as we speak.

In the same breath, if those following the site have any comments about topics they would like me to cover, or things they like so far or would like added to the site, just let me know.

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