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Forechecking makes the difference for Grabovski and the Leafs

Most nights, the Leafs are now playing the way they have too to earn points. Everyone contributes, they play hard and apply pressure on the forecheck.

With good goaltending, the club is generally competing hard enough to give themselves a chance on any given night.

Right now, it’s not just about getting closer to a playoff “berth” or at least putting themselves in a position to challenge for one. Rather, it’s about playing the way they need to play to be successful. If they do that consistently, the wins and points will come.

Last night, the forecheck by Grabovski late in the game created the turnover that led to Jason Blake’s winning goal. Grabovski is generally seen as an offensive guy, a small, skilled forward.

But when he does what he did last night- get in quickly and hard on the forecheck—he adds a dimension that will make him more valuable to Coach Wilson, and make him more of an impact player.

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