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The Leafs lose (again) in OT: More from Kaberle?

We’ve seen this movie before this season: Leafs fall behind, fight back, lose in overtime.

What is the stat—10 overtime games with one win? One “extra” point of the available 10—that’s a lot of lost points, which will obviously be painful come the end of the regular season.

Hard not to like Kulemin’s work on the first goal, or Blake going to the net for the second. (It was good earlier in the week to see the Leafs scoring twice that way at home—both times by going hard to the net.)

Kesell is in the midst of one of those temporary periods where a split second or a couple of inches means the difference between a goal and a miss. Confidence, fatigue both come into play. But he showed in the dying seconds of regulation time one of the reasons he is so dangerous—finding and quickly moving to open space. He could have won it right there.

One concerning thing, and this is nothing new: ten seasons into Tomas Kaberle’s often impressive career in Toronto, he continues to do things that make me cringe. On the overtime goal, was that really his best effort at trying to stop the Montreal forward who scored? (A week ago I watched Staios in Edmonton hobble around and block three shots in a row while helping the Oilers kill a 5-on-3 when the game was tied in the third period against Ovechkin and the Capitals.)

If Kaberle was still tired from his shift late in regulation time, then he shouldn’t have been on the ice. That’s on the coach. But a team that’s supposedly desperately fighting for a playoff spot needs more than that in its own zone when the game is on the line.

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  1. Kaberle's effort was poor hockey. In defensive hockey, you always attack the puck-carrier or if out-of-reach, at least get your stick in the way of the puck. He attempted to do neither.