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Other hockey sites to visit this holiday season

There are many fine hockey web/blog sites worth following.

As someone who is more apt to read about the “old days”, one site I would recommend is Greatest Hockey Legends(
Beyond the fact that it is updated regularly by its host/writer Joe Pelletier, the photos alone are worth the visit. I learn something new every time I check it out. Some of the stories Pelletier has developed are about what we might consider obscure players, but the posts are always informative and often touching- besides providing information not widely discussed.

There are posts on current hockey issues, too, so the bases are really well covered.

I wrote a piece fairly recently for The Hockey Writers web site ( ) on “When the Montreal Canadiens dynasty came to an end”. For current hockey stuff, they have writers in every NHL market providing regular updates and insight. It’s a site I enjoy and follow as often as I can.

A Maple Leaf-oriented site with fabulous old photos is a site called Vintage Leafs ( )

The aptly named Pension Plan Puppets ( site provides wall-to-wall Leaf coverage before and after games and is quite thorough. There are some fine writers and a nice dose of “old” stuff, which I appreciate and am partial to.

I’m sure there are others that readers can recommend, but these are just a few of the ones I am enjoying as I have become more involved in “blog space” in recent months.

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