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A reader shares his "Vintage Leaf" memory

As Vintage Leaf Memories grows, and more and more people follow the site, we are receiving some e-mails with nice stories from readers. A reader who recalled receiving a phone call, as a boy, from a famous Maple Leaf, recently contacted us with the following story.

Somehow, waaay back in 1971, my Dear old Dad, arranged for my hero, Dave Keon, to phone me on my Birthday while all of friends were over for birthday dinner. As I grew older and into early adulthood, I doubted the event and thought he had one of his buddies call and pretend.

But, while in Toronto as a young man, 25ish, I was at a Pete's game and Mr. Keon was there. I shyly introduced myself and recalled the story to him along with my doubts as to its legitimacy. Mr. Keon confirmed the story and told me that Dads boss made a call on his behalf to the Leaf office and arranged it for my Dad. I held it together for the moment but balled my eyes out when I called Dad the next day and told him about my meeting Dave FREAKING Keon.

Still the best birthday gift I ever got.

Brian McMorran

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