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Vintage Leaf Memories is evolving

When I conceived Vintage Leaf Memories many months ago, I thought in terms of a site exclusively dedicated to my memories and stories about the Maple Leafs in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s.

Because I was born in the early ‘50s, for me, the concept of what is a “vintage” memory falls into that late ‘50s through ‘70s time frame.

For some, “vintage” may be before that time period, for others, after.

Regardless, I’d enjoy hearing from those following this site about their own “Vintage Leaf” memories- for that matter, any great old hockey memories you have.

In the meantime, you may have noticed that, on occasion, I will post on subjects relating to the current-day Leafs. They’re a team in transition, but Leaf fans continue to hope that a championship contender is not that far off. The feedback I’ve received is that readers also enjoy some discussion on the present, and I’m happy to oblige as best I can.

The site is intended to be fun—a bit of history, some nostalgia, warm (or sometimes frustrating!) memories. I certainly don’t have the last word on all of the subjects I post on. Readers have sometimes reminded me of errors I’ve made, and I’m happy to acknowledge my memory can fail me.

We post comments on our site, and all we ask is that people write respectfully.

Everyone is welcome to send along their stories, whatever your definition of vintage! Contact us at

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