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How did you become a Leaf fan?

Several months ago when I launched Vintage Leaf Memories, I thought it made sense to start with a simple post: How I became a Leafs fan?

“It” happened, for me, in about 1957 or ’58, when I was all of four or five years old.

Since the site was launched, I’ve posted on a pretty wide range of Leaf topics—some big moments, some not major at all but that touched a chord in me as a fan, somewhere along the way. Although most of those following this web page are based in Canada or the United States, we’ve had visitors to this site from 37 countries around the world. If nothing else, it demonstrates, I guess, that people love hockey all around the world and a lot of those folks are—if not publicly declared—Maple Leaf fans.

All this got me thinking that everyone who is a Leaf fan—or a hockey fan of any team, for that matter—usually has a story to explain why they follow and cheer for a certain team.

With that in mind, we invite you to jot down what your ‘trigger’ was. What was it—meeting a player, sitting on your dad’s knee watching a particular team, a logo you liked, an event, a special jersey that you received as a present—that made you a Leaf fan?

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We’ll do our best to publish some of the comments and posts that we receive!

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