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A win in Nashville

Some thoughts after a Leaf victory in a rare visit to Nashville.

• It was a rough start for the Preds, mostly due to a couple of early soft goals.

• The Predators are very much a model franchise. Set aside ownership issues and a lack of corporate support, they have a solid base of loyal fans. They’ve had the same General Manager since they entered the league, and the same head coach. They play in the tough western conference but because they have drafted wisely and developed well, they are a solid, competitive team every single year. They have talent and a tremendous work ethic. They’ve accomplished this as an expansion team in a “small” hockey market -and with a limited budget.

• Hagman’s goal was hardly highlight reel material, but sometimes that kind of break is enough to restore a player’s confidence. We’ll see if this holds true in the days to come.

• Similarly, Kessel’s marker was not a classic, but perhaps it will give him the boost he needs to get back on track. He set up Kulemin for a beauty a couple of games back, so hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.

• Kaberle, as I’ve written before, can be an infuriating defender at times. But it’s hard not to like his passing skills, in evidence again last night on the Stajan marker.

• Neither Toskala or Gustavsson can seem to get on a real extended roll. I still have to believe Gustavsson will be the guy next season, and will be expected to play 55-60 games.

• Last night’s win only matters if the Leafs win more than they lose going forward. “One off” wins against good teams are nice, but meaningless if followed up by mediocre play.

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