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Vintage Leaf Memories week in review and coming soon - a new poll

Over the past week, we posted on a range of topics. Vintage Leaf looked back at some of the Newfoundland-born Maple leaf players through the years, including Alex Faulkner, who was a hero in the 1963 playoffs with the rival Detroit Red Wings. We also featured pieces on former Leaf Cup-winning defenseman Al Arbour and the success of his St. Louis Blues when they entered the NHL in 1967. One post asked: Does the current Leaf defense have the potential to be as solid as the six guys at the back for the outstanding 1993 Toronto squad: McCoun, Ellett, Mironov, Gill, Rouse and Lefebvre?

Vintage Leaf also provided his assessment of the Leafs in their games against San Jose and the Blues.

With the Olympics in full flight, there isn’t a lot of Leaf talk to be heard, and won’t be for the next two weeks. We may not be posting daily, as has been our custom. That said, we will be posting on some Olympic memories relating to the Maple Leafs (see today’s column on Maple Leafs who have represented Canada at the Olympics since 1960).

Also, we will introduce our first ever Vintage Leaf Memories reader “poll”. We are developing some questions that will give our followers a chance to express their views on Maple Leaf events and memories, past and present.

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