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Panthers win behind ex-Leaf goalie; Looking at how some ex-Leafs are doing

We really shouldn’t be surprised. After the relative “highs” of the last couple of weeks, the Leafs were not able to grab control of last night’s contest. It’s difficult to stay as sharp as they had been lately. There had to be a letdown.

While former (albeit briefly) Maple Leaf Scott Clemmensen earned the win for Florida last night, I’m more interested in how ex-Leafs traded by the current regime (or gone as a free agent) are doing.

Stempniak has, for now, taken advantage of his opportunity in the desert, with 11 points and a +7 in his 10 games since the trade.

In Atlanta, Kubina is a +1 this season on the blueline with 31 assists. Antropov has 63 points and is a +16.

Since being dealt a few weeks ago, Poni is doing OK, points-wise, but I don’t know how well he is actually playing overall. In Calgary, Ian White is +9 in 18 games, Stajan is +1, with a solid 12 points, while Hagman has scored only twice in the same span. Again, I don’t know how well they’re actually playing, but White and Stajan certainly seem to be contributing

Jay Harrison, a stand-up guy I liked during his years in the Leaf organization, is minus 7 in 29 games in Carolina. Jiri Tlusty was +2 in 19 games with Carolina before an injury felled him.

Players traded elsewhere will have their good times and not-so-good periods. You can never fully assess a deal until years down the road.

The real question is: is there any trade Leaf fans would want to undo? Are there are players that we would want back?

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