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Vintage Leaf Memories keeps growing

When I launched this site six months ago, my intention was to focus primarily on my own personal memories and stories about the Leafs of yesteryear.

I’ve stayed with that approach, but have also posted on the current-day Leafs, as well.

The feedback has been much appreciated—and highly—encouraging. I am hoping more and more people in the 40+ age category will become aware of the site, as many of the stories are probably most of interest to those who loved hockey “way back when”. That said, my intention is that this web site will be of interest to all hockey fans.

I’m almost shocked to report that we have had visitors already from more than 60 countries around the world. Clearly, the Leafs are popular just about everywhere.

We’ve had visits from 48 U.S. states, and in Canada alone, readers—many of them regulars—from more than 375 different cities right across the country have stopped by.

I have many more stories I hope to share in the months to come, but also want to invite readers, particularly those following this site on a regular basis, to send along any personal memories they might care to share.

If you enjoy the site, join as a follower and send me a note at

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