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San Jose Sharks: another summer of questions is just around the corner

Thirty teams start the long, arduous hockey season in October, many of them elite teams, true Cup contenders. Getting this far is not easy.

But when you’re the San Jose Sharks, and you don’t win the Cup, we all know what’s coming- another summer of disappointment and talk about whether the team needs to be torn apart and re-built.

When the Hawks won game three Friday night in overtime, that countdown began in earnest. And it’s yet another example of how easy it is for things to go south in a hurry in the playoffs. A goalie goes from sublime to sub-par in no time. It happens almost every spring.

Just days ago all the talk was about how the Sharks were burying their old playoff issues, how Joe Pavelski was no “ordinary Joe” (he isn’t), that they did indeed have the secondary scoring that you need to win in the playoffs and that Thornton was (finally?) stepping up when it mattered.

By Sunday, their season may be done.

They will have achieved a lot and had a great season.

But after one more year when expectations were so high, it’s not enough -- even though it was a lot.
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