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Perhaps a different perspective on the Kaberle situation

There have been -- and will be -- posts aplenty on various Maple Leaf and hockey sites about the future of Tomas Kaberle.

We all know Kaberle has been “on the market” for years, so the reports that Brian Burke has “let clubs know" Tomas is available is less than front page news. The other 29 clubs have known for a long time.

That said, it’s important to reiterate something I’ve written over the past few months: If the Leafs want to deal Kaberle, great. Go for it. They will be giving up a defenseman with some elite skills, but with obvious defensive flaws. He is getting up in years, but should still have a number of very good seasons left.  He is not a broken-down player.

The Leafs will no doubt receive helpful offensive talent in return, or a draft pick of some value.

But if a deal doesn’t materialize, and Kaberle somehow finds himself back in Toronto in September, no one -- fans, the Leafs, media -- should expect a sterling performance from the veteran defenseman.

A guy can only be in limbo for so long. I wrote many weeks ago that the Leafs should either show Kaberle real love -- sign him to a new deal and commit to him- or move him. The mental side of the game is so important, and few players could handle this kind of thing for as long as he has and perform at their customary level.

So, since the Leafs are not interested in re-signing or extending him, they need to move him. It won’t be good for him, the team or the coaching staff to have to deal with an even more prolonged, uncertain situation. It hurt last season and would again this coming year. And his trade value would only be diminished.

Since they clearly have wanted to move him for a long time, it’s time to just do it.

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