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Vintage Leaf Memories: something old, something new

With more than 300 posts behind us, Vintage Leaf Memories has developed a nice following over the past (almost) year.

If you’re looking for current Leaf talk, I try to provide some of that. And if, like me, you have a distinct fondness for the truly old days -- from the late 1950s through the 1970s in particular -- then this site should be a relaxing home for you. I’ve posted articles and memories about players ranging from Maple Leaf rivals Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, Rocket Richard, Ted Lindsay and Doug Harvey to long-time Leaf greats such as Red Kelly, Dave Keon, Dickie Duff, Johnny Bower, Allan Stanley and Lanny McDonald.

Even lesser-known Leafs such as Don Simmons, Les Kozak, Brian Spencer and Larry Jeffrey are featured here. I hope we have a little something for just about anyone who loves the Leafs – and hockey, past or present.

Just look under the "Category" section on the right-hand panel and click on the player or memory you'd like to read about.

And by all means, if you like the site, join Vintage Leaf Memories as a "follower".

With the summer in full swing, I will likely be posting a bit less often until the new NHL season begins in October. I invite readers to send along your feedback, thoughts and comments, and also to forward your own personal memories. I look forward as always to hearing from you at

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