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Why it likely won’t be the Bruins as trade partners for the Leafs and Kaberle

Leaf fans are waiting for the shoe to drop -- the much-anticipated Tomas Kaberle deal. Reports suggest half a dozen or so teams are “serious” in their offers, whatever that actually means.

Some have suggested the Bruins are in the mix. That may well be so. But I don’t think they’ll be the Leafs’ trading partner, and here’s why.

Peter Chiarelli, the Bruins GM, is still basking in the afterglow of his trade late last summer/fall with the Leafs, where he obtained what turned out to be the second pick in this yea’s draft.

That’s a deal that, as with all trades, only time will tell who really “won” the transaction. Maybe Kessel will become an All-Star and Tyler Seguin will be no better than Kessel, if that good, in the years to come. Who really knows just now?

But for the moment, the Bruins are seen by many hockey analysts to have “won” the Kessel trade. The perception is the Leafs got a nice, ready-made offensive player in Kessel (who doesn’t bring much else at this stage in his development), for a potential superstar/franchise player in Seguin.

Would Chiarelli risk a move now to get Kaberle that may see Burke come off as the “winner” of this latest deal? I really doubt it. While I’m sure most people would agree that a GM won’t let his ego get in the way of improving his team, I just don’t see that Chiarelli is going to over-pay to get the puck-moving rearguard, something he would have to do if he wants to be first in line on this deal with Burke.

So my guess is Kaberle goes elsewhere, unless the Bruins absolutely knock down Burke’s door with an offer- and I don’t believe that will happen.

The Bruins will look elsewhere for the defenseman they need.  Toronto Maple Leaf  Hockey blog

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