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Vintage Leaf on Preds on the Glass podcast

One of the hockey blogs I’ve really enjoyed visiting regularly over the past year or so is the site that follows the Nashville Predators and the entire NHL scene. It’s called Preds on the Glass. The site is located at

The site’s host, Buddy Oakes, also airs a popular weekly podcast covering current hockey happenings. I was invited to be a guest last (Monday) night and enjoyed chatting at some length with Buddy.

The Predators, as I have posted in the past, are in many ways a model expansion franchise. Solid management, the same coach from Day one, and a hard-working, disciplined team that gets a little better every year. They came painfully close to winning their first playoff round back in April.

We discussed a range of topics, including some comparisons between the old-time hockey of my youth and the modern era.

Buddy commented that he thought the Leafs, under Burke, are making strides in the right direction. We agreed Burke will do everything he can to make the team a contender again.

You might enjoy the podcast.

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