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Feedback for Vintage Leaf

There is no question that the blogosphere is filled with plenty of opinions when it comes to hockey and the Leafs. When I first launched this particular web site last September, I really wasn’t fully aware of just how many blog/web sites there were that related specifically to the Leafs.

My thought last summer, as I was beginning to develop the concept for this site, was to provide a comfortable landing spot for Leaf fans who had fond memories of being just that – Maple Leaf fans. My own memories – often wonderful, fuzzy at times, sometimes frustrating- date back to the late 1950s and my aim has been to share those memories as they come to mind.

It’s not a site to simply slam the Leafs, or wallow in the disappointment of the last 40 plus years. It’s not meant to be humorous, or a site with an edge.

In short, I have intended for this to be a place where Leaf enthusiasts can come to relax, read stories and share their own, if so inclined. As time has gone on, I sensed there was also an appetite for commentary on the present-day Leaf situation, so on occasion I have endeavored to provide that, as well- though I well realize there are countless others who already do so quite admirably.

(I should add that I am probably not alone in recognizing that, thankfully, hockey fans no longer need to rely on the sometimes agenda-driven opinions of commentators, columnists and beat reporters from the traditional media outlets- notably the major newspapers and broadcast outlets and their online versions/editions. Thoughtful bloggers often provide more interesting and engaging commentary than many of the long-time, same-old, same-old columnists from the conventional media outlets.)

For my part, as far as this site is concerned, I recognize that talking about “the old days” is not for everyone. That said, I hope some of the stories I’ve shared have touched a few of you from time to time, or rekindled memories of players, teams or moments from years gone by.

I guess that’s what a story-teller does -- simply tell and share stories. Most of what I do here is not based on research or statistics. It’s much more about things that I remember as a youngster who loved the Leafs while growing up in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. My memory may fall on occasion, but when that happens, readers have been kind in filling in the blanks.

I invite readers to provide any feedback they feel may be helpful in keeping this site alive and of interest to as many hockey fans as possible. Do you enjoy the focus on the Leafs? Would you prefer less about the “old days”? More stories on other teams and/or non-Leafs, either past or present?

Post a comment, or send me an e-mail at

Thanks to those who enjoy the site and for the supportive comments I’ve received over the past year.


  1. Keep doin' exactly what you're doin'. I for one find it very enjoyable and thoroughly enjoy the history articles about the days I never saw, but have heard so much about from my late father who was a true-blue Leafs fan all his life.

  2. I Agree with Bobby Paradise, keep doing what you are doing. I've really enjoyed reading your stuff unfortunately you may not get many comments here, but you have certainly inspired a lot of debate elsewhere such as in Pension Plan Puppets. You are a valuable part of the Barilkosphere.