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Vintage Leaf Memories Trivia: Do you remember when?

Every once in a while it’s fun to do something a bit different.  Today, I’ve developed a series of questions that can fall under the category of good old-fashioned hockey trivia.

Some, if not all, of the answers have been mentioned in various of my stories on this site over the last year and a bit. Not all the questions are related specifically to the Maple Leafs. 

The answers are posted at the bottom of the story.  Send your comments/answers/memories along.

If  some of my answers are wrong, hopefully readers will let me know!

Vintage Leaf Memories trivia:
  1. Who is the ex-Leaf player to coach Montreal to a Stanley Cup?
  2. Who was the first goalie, after Jacques Plante, to start wearing a goalie mask?
  3. What two franchises did Scotty Bowman coach and not win a Stanley Cup?
  4. Who was the last Boston Bruin goalie to play every game in the regular season?
  5. What Ranger had the nick-name “the eel” in the 1960s?
  6. Before Red Kelly was traded to Toronto during the 1959-’60 season, what team did the Wings attempt to trade Kelly to first?
  7. What was the first NHL team Glenn Hall played for?
  8. Who did Boston Hall-of-Famer Johnny Bucyk start his career with?
  9. Who were the three players on Buffalo’s “French Connection” line?
  10. How many times was Johnny Bower in net in deciding games when the Leafs won their four Cups?
  11. How many Cups did former Maple Leaf Dickie Duff win in his career?
  12. Who is the only Leaf to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP?
  13. Who was the last Maple Leaf to earn a place on the NHL’s official end-of-season All-Star team (first or second team)
  14. Who was the Leaf coach before Punch Imlach’s 11-year run?
  15. Who coached the Hawks to their last Stanley Cup before 2010?
  16. What talented Leaf forward did the Maple Leafs give up to obtain Bernie Parent during the 1970-’71 season?
  17. Who succeeded Imlach as Maple Leaf General Manager?
  18. Who succeeded the man who replaced Imlach?
  19. What organization did ex-Maple Leaf General Manager Cliff Fletcher begin his career with?
  20. Who was the last Maple Leaf to be named NHL “Rookie of the Year”?
  21. What was Jean Beliveau’s nickname?
  22. When was the last time the Leafs finished first overall in the NHL regular season?
  23. How many Cups did Frank Mahovlich win after leaving Toronto?
  24. Who did the Leafs trade Eddie Shack for in 1967?
  25. After Red Kelly retired in 1967, what was his next job in hockey?
  26. What member of the 1964 Leaf Stanley Cup team went on to play three seasons with the expansion Oakland Seals?
  27. Who was the Leafs number-one goalie until Johnny Bower arrived in 1958-’59?
  28. Who was the last brother combination to play together for the Maple Leafs?
  29. Gordie Howe was the captain of the Red Wings for only one season in his 25-year career with them.  What season did he wear the “C”?
  30. Name the three players who comprised the famed Chicago “Scooter Line?
  31. What ex-Bruin became the new member of the “Scooter Line?
  32. Who became the captain of the Montreal Canadiens after Rocket Richard retired?
  33. What (later) former Leaf was Ken Dryden’s back-up goalie in Montreal?
  34. What former Montreal Art Ross Trophy winner played one “comeback” season with the Leafs in the mid-'60s?
  35. Name the goaltender who played for Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver?
  36. Name two other one-time Maple Leafs who also played for Montreal and Vancouver.
  37. When the NHL expanded to 12 teams in 1967, which was the first and only new franchise to eventually fail?
  38. What ex-Leaf coached that team in its first NHL season?
  39. Leaf coach Ron Wilson’s father and uncle played in the 6-team NHL.  Can you name them?
  40. Who was Rick Vaive’s primary set-up man during his 50-goal seasons?

1) Al MacNeil

2) Terry Sawchuk

3) St. Louis and Buffalo

4) Eddie Johnston

5) Camille Henry

6) Rangers

7) Detroit

8) Detroit

9) Gilbert Perreault, Richard Martin and Rene Robert

10) Twice, in 1962-’63 and 1963-‘64

11) 6

12) Dave Keon

13) Bryan McCabe

14) Billy Reay

15) Rudy Pilous

16) Mike Walton

17) Jim Gregory

18) Punch Imlach

19) Montreal

20) Brit Selby in 1965-‘66

21) “Le Gros Bill”

22) 1962-‘63

23) 2

24) Murray Oliver from Boston

25) Coach with the expansion LA Kings

26) Gerry Ehman

27) Eddie Chadwick

28) Brian and Barry Cullen in the late 1950s

29) 1960-‘61

30) Stan Mikita, Ab McDonald, Kenny Wharram

31) Doug Mohns (after McDonald left Chicago)

32) Doug Harvey, for one season, before being traded to the Rangers

33) Michel “Bunny” Larocque

34) Dickie Moore

35) Cesare Maniago

36)  Marc Reaume and Garry Monahan

37) Oakland (later “California Golden”) Seals

38) Bert Olmstead

39) Father Ron Wilson and uncle John Wilson both coached the Red Wings (John played for the Leafs).

40) Bill Derlago

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff. The only ones I got were #12 Keon, and #40 Builder Lego. Also thought I had one for "36) Name two other one-time Maple Leafs who also played for Montreal and Vancouver."

    Russ Courtnall played for all 3 teams.