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Talking Leafs past and present: New audio interview with CBC Hockey Night in Canada hockey veteran Scott Morrison

Apologies for the technical glitch which made it impossible to access our audio vault for the past few days.  The troublesome issue has been corrected and you can now listen to all the interviews, new and "vintage", that are available on the site.

To date, I've enjoyed the opportunity to interview a number of former Maple Leafs  players, including Jim Dorey, Hall-of-Famers Dickie Moore and Andy Bathgate, as well as Pat Quinn and goaltender Paul Harrison.

We've also included a few great old interviews that I conducted many years ago, including with Wayne Gretzky (1978) and long-time Red Wing great (and later General Manager) Ted Lindsay (1978), as well as fellow Hall-of-Famer Maurice "Rocket" Richard (1982) and ex-Leaf fan favorite Dave "Tiger" Williams (also in 1982).

You can listen by clicking on the "New Audio" and "Vintage Audio" tabs at the top of the site.

Thanks for your patience.

As those of you who follow this site know, I’ve been following hockey since the late 1950s.  There have been some fine writers who’ve covered the sport along the way, including the legendary Red Fisher, who I interviewed late in 2009.  (Click on his name to listen to that chat.)  Red does very, very few interviews and I was fortunate to be able to speak with him in this forum, and for as long as I did. Red has covered sports, and the Montreal Canadiens in particular, since the 1950s.  He is still writing to this day.

In more recent times, one of the writers whose work I have also enjoyed is Scott Morrison.  I remember him as a young beat guy at the Toronto Sun in the early 1980s.  He eventually became the lead hockey columnist and later their sports editor, before heading up hockey coverage at Sportsnet TV later in the 1990s.  He joined Hockey Night in Canada and the CBC a few years ago. (Scott was the worthy recipient of the Hockey Hall-of-Fame’s prestigious Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award—named after the late Canadian sports writer—back in 2006.)  Scott pens a column at as well.

To me, Scott has always brought a thoughtful, measured approach to his hockey analysis.

In our conversation, we go back to his early days as a hockey fan in the 1970s, through to his time covering the Leafs in the ‘80s, the early ‘90s Maple Leaf hey-day under Cliff Fletcher, and the current Burke regime.  He provides some very interesting reflections on Tomas Kaberle, James Reimer and Clarke MacArthur.

I hope you enjoy the interview.  Click on the link below to listen:


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