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600 posts and counting- and a thank you to the readers and followers of Vintage Leaf Memories

I wanted to take a moment to step back and note a mini-milestone—600 posts (and a bit, I think) here at Vintage Leaf Memories.

Regular visitors know that the site is primarily intended to “talk Leafs”- I share some old memories (I’m not quite sure if I’m old, my memories are old, or both…) from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s with, of course, lots of talk about the current-day state of affairs in Leafland.

There is no real formula here—just whatever seems to be worth writing about at any given time.  I hope that is still working for you, at least most of the time.

Mostly, though, I wanted to thank those who take the time to visit often, and/or have becoming “followers” of the site.  Maybe the thing I have enjoyed the most is when I receive e-mails ( ) and comments on the site in reference to one of my posts.  In virtually all cases, the comments or feedback are/is thoughtful and well stated—even when readers obviously disagree with me on a current issue I've commented on.

(As we all experience, there will always be critics!  One of my four now grown sons wrote to me yesterday and simply said..."Oh, I see.  Another post on Kaberle...."  He didn't need to say anything else.  The implication was clear.  Why are you writing about a guy (again) that doesn't even play for the Leafs anymore?  The son who wrote doesn't even visit the site very often but I guess when he does, he has seen a post on Kabby.  Oh well....)

I appreciate the respectful  and considered tone of those who comment here.  The site is not here for sarcasm, constant negativity or name-calling but rather for some (hopefully) enlightened and sometimes insightful dialogue about the Leafs, hockey, and from my perspective, views that are formed by having watched the game- and this team- closely for more than fifty years.  Having “see certain movies before" gives me the context to write about a lot of what I do.

As I often mention, part of the fun is simply this—that we all enjoy hockey, follow the Leafs closely and have different points of view on who should be behind the bench, in goal or who should be drafted, traded, benched or whatever.  If we look at things differently, great. 

So keep your comments coming.  I apologize for the Blogger issue that seemed to send some great comments (especially on the recent story on annoying hockey commentators) into ether space (I’ve long wanted to use that term—I probably used it incorrectly…) and knocked out one of my posts, which I later tried to re-construct.  I appreciate your patience.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you continue to enjoy the site.


  1. Many Congratulations! I am a faithful reader and look forward to another 600!


  2. Congrats, Mike! Read your post every day. I'm not a Leafs fan but I am a Vintage Leaf Memories fan!