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It's either Moore and Kubina or Kaberle against Vancouver; some popular VLM posts

Well, the Boston-Tampa series is one I can't figure out, so it makes sense, I suppose, that we're going to Game 7.

I don't have a particular rooting interest, truth be told, when the Leafs aren't involved in the playoffs.  Other than in the good-old days when Montreal was always an elite team (and I cheered passionately against them) once Toronto is out I just look to enjoy the hockey.  I don't much care who wins.

I know for a lot of fans, they like to cheer for a Canadian-based team, or for a team with a lot of Canadian-born players on the roster.  Again, for me, that's not a thing one way or the other.  There are a lot of teams I don't like,  though I dislike some, for example, like maybe Nashville (no reason to hate them, class organization) and Detroit (another class organization that does things right, including how it deals with its players and coaches) less than others.

In any event, one way or the other, we'll have some ex-Leafs in the finals.  It will either be Tampa's Dominic Moore and Pavel Kubina (though Kubina is out indefinitely, it seems) or Tomas Kaberle with the Bruins against the Canucks.

If the Bruins go through, a part of me will want Kabby to do well.  I love what Moore brings to each team he plays for, but that's not enough to make me want the Lightning to win a second Cup before the Leafs get their first since 1967...


It's been gratifying to see Vintage Leaf Memories continue to grow from a standing start back in September of 2009.

The site remains a mix of personal memories from what, for me, are those "good old days" and commentary on the current Maple Leafs and where they are headed.

I always enjoy seeing the comments posted in response to particular columns, and also the e-mails I receive at

It's not a site that utilizes a lot of data or statistics.  The stories from the '50s, '60s and '70s come from my memory, and the current commentary comes from what I see now, formed through more than 50 years of watching and analyzing the game of hockey.

For me, the fun part is often that fans can disagree.  We can see the very same play, the same game, the same player, and have completely different ways of looking at things.

Late spring and summer can be a quieter time for hockey and certainly for our Maple Leafs.  We're now heading into the Cup finals and soon we will be talking about trades, the draft and free agency on July 1 and beyond.

In the meantime, there are always interesting things to post about and to discuss.  In case you missed any of them, here are a few stories that you may want to check out:

-my view on the top ten Leafs of the last 50 years

-12 old-time Leafs I wish had been here earlier

-when Kaberle needed real love from management- or a trade (which we know finally happened)

-a look at what the Leafs have in Grabovski

-what will Phil Kessel become?

-some positive contributions from John Ferguson Jr.

-10 reasons Leaf fans can feel either encouraged or discouraged heading into the summer and next season

-assessing Brian Burke two and a half years in

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