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Pierre McGuire and those annoying TV commentators: who annoys you the most?

A quick follow-up comment to my update yesterday on how a few ex-Leafs are doing in the playoffs.  I saw Tuesday that Kris Versteeg will undergo surgery (as will teammate Mike Richards) now that the Flyers are done for the season.

Fans, myself included, should probably always keep injuries in mind when assessing how a guy has played at this time of year.  All kinds of players are really hurting, and it's a major achievement just to get out on the ice for some of them.

So while Versteeg did not exactly turn heads with his play in the playoffs (save for his nifty goal in Game 4 against Boston) he may well have been fighting a serious injury.

A few months back I recall posting a bit about TSN’s connected and perceptive—but awfully loud— Pierre McGuire.

I won’t go over all the same talking points.  Suffice to say that while I respect McGuire’s obvious knowledge of the game (and its players) and his enthusiasm for his work, for me, it’s just…well, it’s just too much.

Radio, TV, he's everywhere.  And during games, well, I’m one of those viewers who can live with “dead air”- you know, a bit of silence.  Especially as the play is going on.  I guess it’s one of those “I see what I see” things and I just prefer less talk, not more.  I can figure out who is playing well or playing a lot of minutes.  I don’t need constant and breathless analysis on every little action and reaction during the play for 60 minutes—or more.

Now, Pierre is not the only hockey commentator that is kind of….annoying.  Not bad at their job, just annoying.

In fairness, it's always been this way.  Home-town announcers who are obviously biased can be a pain to a lot of people.  Over-amped analysts, too.  When I was a kid, I'm sure people tired of Ward Cornell, the Hockey Night in Canada host (or listened for too many years to Bill Hewitt's sidekick, Brian McFarlane), just like some have had enough of Ron MacLean nowadays.   But if I have to hear Ed Olczyk called "Edso" or whatever his nickname for the rest of the playoffs, it will be way too much...)

In any event, who fits that bill for you?  Who do you enjoy, who can’t you stand?  There are play-by-play guys (Cole, Hughson, Cuthbert) and the usual at-large guys like Friedman and McGuire and of course the in-between- period panels.

Between those guys and the other CBC talking heads (MacLean, Cherry, Healy, Milbury, Francis, Hrudey, et all) and TSN (Duthie, McKenzie, Ferraro, etc.) and Sportsnet (Kypreos, Potvin and Shannon among others), who do you really enjoy, and who could you live without?

Send your comments along…


  1. I grew up with Bob Cole. For me, he brings an excitement to the game that is second to none. That said, I enjoy listening to Joe Bowen and think he should have been Cole's replacement instead of the ever-annoying Jim Hughson, who drips 'homer' when he covers the Canucks.

  2. Future_ConsiderationsMay 11, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    The worst:
    1 Jim hughson
    2. Glen Healy
    by far......
    I wouldn't even put mcguire in the same league as these two who are clearly in a realm of insipid, annoying and mastabatoial self aggrandizement.

    The best:
    Gord miller is not too bad.

  3. I previously commented in agreement with your thoughts on Pierre McGuire. I also absolutely can't stand Glenn Healy. With his constant criticisms and his angry, stone-faced, can't crack a smile look, he'd fit right in with the Leafs leadership team of Burke and Wilson - three amigos!

  4. Glenn Healy is the most annoying person on the planet, let alone commentator

  5. Hughson: I watch the games in Punjabi to avoid his affectations and rah-rah Canucks routine.

    Healy: Not only is the glass half-full, it's the wrong glass and the wrong drink. This is a guy who is so bitter and angry he'd not only boo Santa, he'd likely critique each and every gift under the tree.

  6. 1. Jim Hughson. Homer.
    2. Glen Healy, not objective enough. The chip on his shoulder is huge.

  7. Dislike:
    1) Glen Healy - why is he so angry all the time?
    2) I agree with you, McGuire gives me a headache

    Elliotte Friedman - He has some great interviews and insight
    Who doesn't love Joe Bowen?!
    Bob Cole - He is the classic guy. If only we can get him back doing Leafs games again.

  8. I love Glenn Healy - his scowl and bitterness make the game more interesting. His demeanour reminds me of Piers Morgan from america's got talent. I guess not everyone appreciates the value this guy brings.

  9. Like:

    Elliot Friedman: Very knowledgeable but brings great insight and perspective to the game.

    Darren Dreger also always has great news updates and keeps the fans well informed with his hockey insider information.


    Milbury and Healy - always very angry and arguing with someone; often times it seems like they are wired that way and just like to arguing for its own sake. Also Healy is just annoying as he always rips on the leafs every saturday even if the buds are having a good game for once.

  10. Like: Bowen, Cole, Cherry, Cuthbert, Gord Miller, Ron McLean, Bob McKenzie, Dreger.. and I wish Paul Romanuk still did WJ's

    Dislike: Healy, Hughson, Simpson, Olczyk, Milbury, Doug Maclean. And Kypreos is extra weird

    Kinda neutral on Pierre, Ferraro, and Duthie. Kevin Weekes may be the most boring in all of sports. Pierre is a bit of a lunatic, but at least he makes some good points sometimes, and he likes a lot of Leafs players.

  11. I'm a fan of Jim Hughson but his little 'It's a wonderful day for an exorcism" rant after the Canucks beat the Hawks was awful

  12. as a leafs fan I can find bowen to be a little too much of a homer for my tastes, but over all I enjoy listening to him and hope he's around for a long time after this post. fortunately, whenever he does go off and be a little too much of a homer, there is millen to provide some sanity.

    if we're talking about around the league, there are many more worse than bowen or mcguire or healy etc etc. take a look at the guys who do the penguins games, for example.

  13. Like: Bob Cole, Harry Neale, Joe Bowen, Chris Cuthbert, Gord Miller, Pierre McGuire (guy is ridiculous but he knows the game)

    Dislike: GRRRREAT SAVE LUONGO(Hughson), Look at his compete level, getting punched on the ground! (Healy), Reimer had no chance on that one. (Millen), I don't know what he was thinking when he ?????. (Simpson)

    Bob Cole - "Oohhh, BABY!..." Still great.
    Joe Bowen - "Holy Mackinaw" Was great on radio with Bill Watters.
    Pierre McGuire - see what's written about him, but still tolerable. Can't deny his hockey knowledge.
    The NBC Hockey announcer - can't remember his name but love his calls
    The Penguins announcer - "Scratch My Back With A Hacksaw!!"
    Rick Jenneret - Buffalo. "MAYDAY!....MAYDAY!..."
    Sportsnet Draeger/Kypreos/McLean - Solid.

    Mike Milbury - everytime I see this dope, I see him swatting a fan with a shoe.
    TSN - A parade of retired and/or players already bounced from this year's playoffs. PAINFUL to watch. I usually grab a quick game of Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox during these times.
    Healy - shut up!! Put the kilt on......

  15. I thought it was funny when I was a kid and my grandfather would listen to Blue Jay games on the radio while watching them with the television on 'mute'. I haven't turned into my grandfather yet, but some nights... man.

    For play-by-play, Bob Cole has always been great but he should probably retire soon. Sometimes he just doesn't know what he's saying. Joe Bowen is the best, hands down. I don't mind Hughson as much as other people seem to. Sure he's completely biased towards the Canucks, but so what? I could do without the "GREAT SAAAAAVE LUUOOONGOOOO!!!" line after every routine shot though.

    For colour guys: Glen Healy needs to be stopped. How can someone so angry and stupid get paid to talk? Disgraced former GMs like Milbury are fairly harmless, but you really can't take anything they say seriously. I really like the current trend of having recently retired or even current players (Colby Armstrong?!) on between periods. I agree with Michael 100% on McGuire. The guy is very knowledgeable and passionate about hockey, he just needs to tone it down a bit. He'll probably get more tolerable as he gets older and calms down a bit, ha

  16. Bob Cole and Harry Neale were the best commentating team there has every been. Sad to see Neale is now in Buffalo doing colour for the Sabres.
    No one else comes close to those two.

  17. This is an annoying trend in TV (and radio) PBP these days. A little silence is more than golden. It can add to the tension of a great game. McGuire does talk too damn much. But I suspect he has been told to.