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Bruins win in Game 3 may mean very little

Baseball fans well know that we often see a situation where a team loses the first three games of a series and just can’t score runs. Then, they explode in the last game of the series to avoid a sweep.

The reality remains, though, that they lost the series.  And, it would have been way more beneficial if they could have somehow (it doesn’t seem to work this way, I know…) spread their offense over the entire series, rather than loading up in one game.

Doesn’t much matter if you win 16-1 or 2-1, a win is only a one win.

Now, I realize that, sometimes, a seemingly meaningless home run in a blow out (or in hockey, a goal in an 8-1 game) can boost an individual player’s (or a team’s) confidence, and that can trigger better play going forward.  But for me to believe that the Bruins still have a shot in this series, they’ll have to do a lot more than hammer the Canucks one time—on home ice.

As I mentioned to someone after Game 3, any good hockey team with pride that is down two games is going to fight their tail off in their first home game of the series.  That’s just the way things generally go in hockey. 

Game 4 is the one that matters.

The Canucks had escaped with two home wins by the narrowest of margins, and won in a manner which makes you believe they are destined to win the Cup.  When you score the winner with seconds remaining in game 1, and then score ten seconds into overtime in Game 2, well, it’s a bit too much like the Habs in ’93 not to think this is their year.

In any event, the Canucks are, it seems to me, a little too good to let this slip away now.  The Bruins lose a difference-maker in Horton, and the Canucks lose a 6th defenseman (via suspension) playing minor minutes.  That’s an awful trade-off for the Bruins.  Vancouver has been waiting to get Ballard into the series, anyway (or Hamhuis, if and when he’s ready.)

Bottom line?  The Bruins won a game. One game.  That’s it.  Was it a momentum changer?  Is it now “series on” or did that just ensure the Canucks would win the Cup at home on Friday night?

I’d love Boston to make a series of it, but Vancouver’s just too strong when it counts, I sense.


  1. As always, we've seen teams pull a stinker and go on to win, some lose. I have nothing against Vancouver, but seeing Boston profit from Leaf mistakes I do not like.

  2. This series is tied and not over so we don't know what the goal differential is going to be in this Stanley Cup final. The Canucks are unbeaten at home in the series so far and two of the remaining three games would be played in Vancouver if it goes the distance. Boston has so far scored only two goals in Vancouver. Vancouver is not a flash in the plan team and the Canucks led the league in most points, most goals scored and fewest goals allowed. This article is wishful Boston piffle. Whoever wins the series will get the accolades when they do so.