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In Leafland: the calm before….the calm?

Leaf “prospects” went through their paces (as happens every year at this time and as occurs in 29 other NHL cities) this week.  Everyone looks good at this time of year.  Each youngster has great “potential”. 

But as coaches are wont to say, the reason all these young players are called ‘prospects” is because they are just that, prospects.  They haven’t actually done anything yet, at least not in terms of what will be required to make it as a professional in the game. 

The reality is that when it comes to "prospects", it is all about what might be, as opposed to anything we, as fans, can feel “sure” about.

They all have a great pedigree (in junior or college hockey or over in Europe).  Who knows which of these young guys may just be contributing- or even better than that) members of this hockey club in the next few years?

However,  many of us—especially those of us who, say, aren’t quite in our cheering “prime” any longer— want to see results sooner than later.  In that sense, we’re like coaches.  We need to see results now…

In any event, I sense we’re in a bit of a soon-to-be mid-July lull in Leafland.  It may be the calm before the storm (more trades, free-agent signings, or a surprise of some sort…) or it may just be the lull before the…lull.

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Who knows if the Leafs are "done" with their major moves?  Burke usually does little when he says he's planning to do something, then does something shocking when we don't expect it.

That's hockey, even the summer.

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