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Maple Leaf week in review: When quiet was actually pretty busy, at least for fans

Have you ever had a week where, on the one hand, nothing much seems to have happened, but yet a lot got done?

I guess I’m feeling a bit that way as I sit at my computer today, when it comes to the Maple Leafs and in particular this site, and those of you who help to make it an interactive and interesting blog.

While things have been relatively quietly in recent days when it comes to major Leaf “news” (a few quiet signings…young players, essentially), just this past week I’ve posted on some subjects that have triggered some noteworthy responses either via comments on the site here or e-mails (I can be reached at )

For those who have been away or haven’t checked the site lately, we’ve touched on a few subjects close to the heart of a lot of Maple Leaf fans, especially those who care about the history of the team.

This has included stories on:

-the debate about retiring numbers (and my unshake-able view that Dave Keon should have his number retired)

-how Maple Leaf fans are absolutely everywhere

-my simple question (which drew a lot of great responses):  What made you become a Leaf fan?

-perhaps as (or more) importantly: why we Leaf fans still care so much

-how there was a time (in the mid-1970s) when an everyday guy like me could manage to grab Leaf season tickets

And, looking ahead to this coming season, we discussed where the Leaf really are, on the 1-5 scale I looked at.

So, while it may seem quiet, there is an awful lot to talk about in Leafland.

And that's how it should be.

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