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The biggest issue facing the Leafs heading into camp

It’s that time of year.  Summer is coming to an end. Players are already working out informally with one another, staying in shape and anxious for things to start in earnest.

For their part, fans are antsy, desperate for interesting hockey news—and for a new season to get underway.

People want to see how the off-season player and coaching moves will turn out for the teams they root for.  Will Crosby be OK?

Closer to home, will the Leafs really be a lot better?  (Fans are reassuring themselves....Reimer will be good again, right?)

Fans of just about every team are ever-hopeful, especially before the season starts.  But every team has issues. The Leafs are no exception.

What, precisely, do we Leaf fans have to “worry” about heading into camp?

In recent days, I’ve posted on a range of Leaf-related topics, including (click to see the earlier stories):

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·      -What Leaf will surprise us this season?
·      -Who will provide real leadership on the club?

Those are just a few of the potential questions and issues that will need to be addressed as training camp—and the regular season—unfold.

From your perspective, what are the key things facing the Leafs right now, heading into camp (which is not far off)?  What, specifically, is the biggest issue that they face?

Any of the above points, or something we haven’t even touched on here?

Send your thoughts along…

1 comment:

  1. The biggest issues for me:
    - Goaltending. Reimer needs to improve and show he can be #1.
    - Power play. Is there a stat on how many points are won or lost on PP goals? Improving here alone could get us into the top 8.
    - Penalty killing. Ditto about stats for this one.
    - Chemistry. Last year the Grabovski line had it, but that's about it.
    - Coaching. We often looked like a team of strangers last year. We have to get everyone on the same game page, or there won't be much progress.