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Name your favorite Maple Leaf and hockey blogs

Not long ago I cited a number of hockey and Maple Leaf blogs that I enjoy a great deal.  These include:

Leaf Nation online ( has been around for a year and is now broadening its horizons.  I'm assuming it's connected at the hip with the companion site at

Joe Pelletier’s Greatest Hockey Legends at  This is an excellent hockey site, with articles on often little-known hockey facts and special people and moments.

Leaf fans pretty much everywhere know about Pension Plan Puppets ( ). I’m sure thousands of people stop by the site daily for all kinds of information, funny stuff and stories from a host of solid writers, with assorted Leaf news and updates.

Maple Leaf Hot Stove at is a highly worthwhile hockey site with a wide range of writers, views and opinions and thoughtful Leaf perspectives pretty much daily.

I also very much enjoy the work at We Want a Cup .  Matteo and crew do an excellent job all-around.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, the front page alone makes it a 'must visit'.

I’m sure just about every hockey fan knows about Down Goes Brown.  People have long loved his unique work online and at now the National Post.  Sometimes he joins forces with the always-entertaining Bloge Salming site at

Long-time former NHL goaltender Phil Myre always brings his “been there” perspective at

Puckin’ eh is an excellent Leaf site that I always enjoy, too, at

Regular readers have heard me mention Preds on the Glass in the past.  It remains an outstanding hockey site that brings us up to date on virtually all things hockey every day throughout the year at

If you love outstanding photographs of hockey new and old, you’ll never want to miss

A relatively new blog worth checking out is OT Winner.  That blog can be found at

There is so much good (so-called) “non-mainstream” media work going on, it’s impossible to list all the really fine sites.  And I’m sure there are many outstanding ones that I’m not even aware of.

My question for you today:  which Maple Leaf and hockey sites do you like best, or simply enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

What’s most important to you—breaking news, humor, a thoughtful approach, current Leaf analysis?

Send your comments along…


  1. After letting my involvement in the PPP community slide for a lot of reasons, I'm perfectly happy with my roster nowadays- here, DGB, Vintage Leafs, Mirtle's gig, and the rest I follow by twitter mention only. It's kind of like I've spent the last 5 years getting my Leafs obsession finally fully up to speed, and now I can coast all the way home. I love asking a fellow Leaf fan I meet what they think of a news report on a 2nd tier prospect and seeing the blank look on their face........
    And I think that a lean mix of all 4 of the categories you mention is just perfect.

  2. In addition to the great ones you've already mentioned, I'm partial to

    It isn't totally Leafs specific, but the guy running it is definitely pro-Leafs and is a good mix of comedy and analysis