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700 Vintage Leaf Memories posts already? Who’s counting? Just me, I’m sure…

Today was one of those days where there just didn’t seem to be a whole lot to discuss regarding the Leafs.  There will be plenty to discuss in the days ahead, but today I just drew a blank.

In recent days I’ve posted on Grabbo, Reimer, who will be the next Leaf “superstar”, Doug Gilmour, Wendel Clark, Sydney Crosby, Kessel and Johnny Bower.

I also posted 25 opinions— click here in case you missed it.

In any event, what I did notice tonight before I turned out the lights was that my previous post was number 700 here at Vintage Leaf Memories.  I started the site in late September 2009 and have enjoyed sharing memories from the “olden days” of my youth.  That’s when I first fell in love with Eddie Chadwick, Frank Mahovlich, Dickie Duff (see the great old picture at right of a young Duff with the Leafs...that then familiar file photo was used in newspapers the day after he scored the big goal when the Leafs won Game 6 in Chicago to capture the Stanley Cup in the spring of 1962...)  and Dave Keon, among many others in the years that followed.

It’s also been fun discussing and debating with you the highs and lows of the current Leaf team.  Most of us agree that better times are ahead.  The question is, how much longer will we be waiting for a serious run at a championship?  Are we talking this year?  Three years?

Since you’re already here, by all means browse around the site.  Check out the names on the right-hand side of the site.  If you’d like to read about any of those players, just click away.

And again, thanks to everyone for stopping by whenever you do.  And if you enjoy the site and ever have an extra minute, I invite you to sign up as a “follower”.

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  1. Unless some young skilled players have their coming out party this year in the minors/junior, 2013 is out of the question. If we get some good skilled players in the pipeline, then that'll be the time we're one year away from a serious run, for years.