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And on the seventh day, HE rested…

Those with a Biblical bent of the Old Testament persuasion may remember the “original” story of creation.  As in, God created the world in six days.  (It better have been six, or I’ve messed up one of the simplest and oft-told stories in history…). After a hectic several days, He (can I say He?) took the seventh day (Sunday, presumably) off.  That is to say, He rested.

Now, I’m not making any kind of comparison, simply trying to think of a reason to say today’s post will be, well, rather empty.

I’m guessing most of you who write on occasion hit the proverbial wall, or simply have, on occasion, precious little to say that would be of even marginal interest to others, much less are able to say something important, even in sports terms. (I did note the enthusiasm yesterday in Leafland that all the players appear to be in "great shape" and there was supposedly real "chemistry" already on the forward lines. As I would be shocked if players showed up in lousy shape and didn't mesh well together in basic scrimmages, I'll save any serious attempts at assessing how things look until they've at least played some exhibition games...)

So today, after several recent posts about the Leafs, their summer activities, training camp questions, etc., as the popular expression from a few years ago still suggests, “I have nothing”.

That said, on the chance that some people may have wandered here with their morning coffee looking for something insightful (I’m guessing you weren’t, but in case…) or at least mildly interesting, rather than simply send you away, I will provide links to some earlier posts that may still be relevant as the exhibition games begin on Monday night.

Here goes (click below if you want to check out any of the stories...):

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-And looking for your honest expectations of the Leafs this season

If any of those posts catch your eye, enjoy.

Thanks and have a great- and restful!- Sunday


  1. Being a bit of a Biblical scholar, recent study suggests that God rested on the 7th day because HNIC was on and the Leafs were in tough to make the playoffs. After their 4-3 OT win, He said it was most definitely good.