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Reimer, Grabbo and some early September Leaf and hockey talk

Connecting with readers here over the last couple of weeks, my sense is many fans feel the season, to a certain extent, will hinge on the production of lots of guys, of course, but especially James Reimer and Mikhail Grabovski. (I always enjoy your comments that are posted here- you can also reach me by e-mail at )

I can’t argue too much against the notion that we will need both Grabovski and Reimer to be even better than they were in their breakout campaign a season ago.  The Leafs will need absolutely everyone on board and tugging hard in the same direction, and some guys will need to be really good (can we say Kessel…).  And yes, that list will include Grabovski, now that he has teased us with how good he really can be and of course the also aforementioned young Leaf goaltender.

Our “fan” expectations may be a bit too high for both of them with the new year just around the corner, but that’s the reality when you play well:  people want—and expect—even more.

I wrote recently about Grabbo and where he may fit going forward.  (Here’s the link in case you missed it.)

I also penned a piece about Gustavsson (click to see more), which is relevant because he will be battling for time behind Reimer, and if Reimer misses time for any reason, one would have to think the The Monster will be first-off-the-bench for Wilson.

Finally with the Leafs, we have all had bigger issues on our minds the last couple of days with the sadness that everyone around here feels about Wade Belak’s passing.  But if you haven't already, check out yesterday's post.  I'd still like to hear from you on what would have to happen to derail your optimism about the Leafs for the coming season.

The Leafs aside, I was shocked to hear not about Dustin Byfluglien’s arrest (that's not that uncommon in sports these days...), but his apparent weight issues.  Did I misread that?  Did I just fall for some Twitter nonsense, or is this talented guy really out of shape heading into a very important season for his Winnipeg Jets?

And with regard to Sidney Crosby, I am among the growing legion of those concerned with where this is heading.  Click here to see more on my perspective.



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