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Would you rather have Reimer or Luongo right now?

Dwayne Roloson is proving that you can be an elite NHL goalie well into your 40s.  (This has been proven many times before, too.  Leaf legend Johnny Bower was not the least among those who have played brilliantly into their 40s…Hasek did it recently...)

This leads me to a fun pre-season question:  Whether you are a Leaf fan, a Canuck fan, or cheering for any other squad, if you had to pick between James Reimer and Roberto Luongo, who would you pick?

I’m not talking for a fantasy league.  I mean, in the real world, right now.

To be clear, I realize many factors come into play.  If we are talking Leafs and Canucks, fans are thinking about where their teams are right now, and who is the best goalie for their team, right now.

The Canucks are a serious Cup contender.  They came within one victory of walking away with a championship this past spring.  The Leafs are still in the building-to-a-playoff-team mode.

Yes, Luongo is the polished, experienced veteran; Reimer the un-proven youngster with not even a full-season behind him in the NHL.

Reimer has never seen an NHL playoff game in person, probably, much less played in one.  Luongo has been there.

But taking all these things into account, who do you want?

Do Leaf fans prefer the youngster, Reimer?  Luongo may still be a star in two or three years when the Leafs will hopefully be a serious contender. So that’s a consideration.

Fun debate.  If you’re a Canuck fan, do you still believe in Luongo?  Or would you take Reimer instead, if you had the choice?


  1. I'm not a Canuck fan, but right now, as you limit it, I'd take Luongo. Reimer's unproven, and untested, by comparison. Despite his tendency to have bad games in the playoffs, Luongo also has great ones - and he's experienced playoff (not to mention Olympic) pressure. Much as I have high hopes for JR, I'd pick Luongo, no question.

  2. No brainer. Right now it has to be Luongo and I despise the Canucks. While I believe that Riemer is the real deal I am not willing to bet the house on it.

    Steve Simpson had an article the other day in the Sun. He asked much the same question, only he couched it in terms of the playoff teams from last year who had a goalie who was worse than Reimer. Answer nobody right now.

    Habs = Price
    Pens = Fleury
    Canes = Ward (didn't even qualify)
    NYR = Lundquist
    Flyers = Bryzgalov
    Caps = Vokoun
    Bolts = Roloson
    Bruins= Thomas and Rask
    Sabres = Miller
    NJD = Brodeur (didn't even qualify)

    In the eastern conference alone Reimer will be hard pressed to make the top 8, let alone in the league. The big difference is every goalie on the list above has years of proving they are the real deal whereas Reimer has only half a year. So yes right now I would rather have Luongo, but ask me again at the end of this year and I hope I will be able to give you a very different answer.

  3. Reimer, just because I hate Luongo's contract.

  4. At first blush a seemingly easy question. Olympic gold medal and experienced NHL multiple regular season playoff veteran with proven level of ability versus unproven with potential rookie. As the saying goes “go with the devil you know”. But one must consider Luongo’s age, Stanley Cup albatross, long term contract till 21-22 and the huge unknown changes to new CBA. If Burke has accomplished one thing is not to saddle Leafs with unmovable long term contracts, only 3 contracts over $2 mill in 13-14 (Kessel, Phaneuf, Komisarek) and no contracts in 14-15. I still have bad taste in my mouth for the $1 million Tucker buyout cap hit also till 13-14 according to Capgeek. However I digress. Reimer has only 37 games under his belt, every month his Sv% decreased so where is his true mean? If Luongo would continue at .920 plus for Leafs, they would have a chance at making playoffs. But of course that would depend on goal production increasing by 20 goals at least. Ok here is my answer, I will take Luongo but with Reimer’s contract expiry date at 13-14 Alex.

  5. Reimer, just because I'd give anything to see the look on Luongo's face when we tell him that we're buying him out/trading him to the Panthers.