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Your predictions as we get ready for six months of Maple Leaf hockey

For Leaf fans, it’s been a long off-season, stretching back to mid-April or thereabouts.  So it comes not a moment too soon that the 2011-’12 NHL season gets underway on Thursday.

(The roster moves made by the Leafs on Monday have given me pause for thought, and I all comment later in the week.  I couldn't help but notice, on the heels of my post on the weekend about Gardiner and whether he would stay or go, that Aulie drew the short stick for now.)

Those who visit here regularly know that I don't take to make predictions, but I know they are fun for many people.  So, if you’d like to dip your toe in the water publicly here, on this site, by all means leave a comment.

Perhaps you can provide your views as to, for example:

  1. Will the Leafs make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference?
  2.  If you think they’ll make it, how many playoff rounds do they last?
  3. Who will lead the team in points?
  4. Who will be the number-one goalie at the end of the regular season?
  5. Who will be the team’s MVP?
  6. Who will be our true “All-Star”, Grabovski or Kessel (or someone else)?
  7. Leaf rookie-of-the-year?
  8. Surprise Leaf prediction (like Reimer, Brent, MacArthur and Aulie last season)?
  9. Who wins the West?
  10. Cup winner?
All good fun—as we count down the hours until opening night.


  1. Do not usually do this but here goes.

    1. I am a leaf fan and they are on the fence, so HELLL YEAH
    2. If they do, they will have too much momentum and MIGHT just make it past the first round...
    3. I will have to say Grabovski will take it, and Mikael you still owe him an apology for doubting him so much!lol
    4. Sorry Optimus, I believe the Monster has the ability to play in clutch situations (1.03 GAA, .961 SV% with 5SO in Swedish playoffs)
    5. Grabovski point leader but MVP goes to Kuli
    6. Grabovski will have the honors this year
    7. Is there any doubt on who?
    8. Think I posted a while back, Lupul will surprise all
    9. Anaheim
    10. Pitts

  2. Hmmm, why not.
    1) Hope springs eternal sooo why not, lets say 7th seed.
    2) Unless they peak at the right time, they lose in the first round.
    3) Phil Kessel, that line will figure it out eventually and he's still really young
    4) They're living and dying by the sword with Reimer.
    5) Kulemin, at least in my eyes. That guy is a beast.
    6) As in representing the Leafs? Kessel I suppose.
    7) Come from behind victory for Kadri.
    8) Tyler Bozak. If some sort of wager could be made up I'd put money on it
    9) LA Kings step up, provided Kopitar minds his footing
    10) I agree with Bester, Pittsburgh for sure

  3. Predictions are always a battle between the heart and the gut. I'll take a stab... but can we revisit after 20 games?

    1. Heart says yes, gut says no.
    2. Heart and gut agree: First round exit.
    3. Hearts says Kulemin, gut says Grabovski.
    4. Heart wants Reimer, gut says Gustavsson.
    5. If gut's right about #4- Gustavsson. If wrong, Schenn.
    6. H & G agree: Kulemin. But expect a strong showing from Phaneuf and Schenn.
    7. Gardiner.
    8. Heart says Komisarek, gut says Lupul.
    9. Heart doesn't really care about the West, but would like the Canucks to get another shot, for family reasons. Gut likes the Kings.
    10.Gut says Tampa Bay. Heart says .. Leafs!

  4. 1. No
    2. Not this year, we're close but not yet.
    3. Grabovski, hasn't hit his ceiling in my eyes
    4. Reimer, preseason is preseason
    5. Kulemin, so much upside, 30 is possible again simply from the uncertainty of first line chemistry looking a problem again for the buds.
    6 Kulemin again I think he raises his game
    7. Impossible to bet against Jake Gardiner right now with all do respect to Matt Frattin who i think will end up playing quite a few games this year.
    8. A defensmen we all think is 'safe' will get moved this year
    9. San Jose, i hate this pick, but with heatley finally gone...
    10. Sharks