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Maple Leaf talk both past and present: new audio podcast

Let me start today by simply thanking those who took the time to post a comment on yesterday's post: Vintage Leaf Memories:  800 posts and counting...

It was a genuine pleasure to hear from some regular readers and a few who don’t generally post here.  (Sometimes it helps to receive a bit of encouragement which provides me with the thought that this labor of love is not just a way to pass the time!)

If enough of you enjoy the work here, it is an impetus to keep at it when things get discouraging.

One other fun thing I was part of recently was a Leaf discussion with Matteo Codispoti from .  We Want a Cup is an emerging Leaf-oriented web site that brings together interviews and Leaf updates on a regular basis.  I really enjoy the fact that Matteo has engaged a number of young and very promising writers to post regularly on the current Leafs.

We sat down recently, supervised by his technical guru Brad Machry (known in the twitter world as @pshag ... Matteo is, appropriately enough, @wewantacupcom .  The discussion was very far ranging, incorporating topics from the state of the current Leafs to memories of the old Maple Leaf Gardens and some great Leaf names of the past.

If you don’t mind some long-windedness on my part (still can’t help it after all these years…) feel free to click on the link below if you’d like to listen to some of our chat.

We Want a Cup fills a neat (and important) niche on the Leaf scene, in addition to some of the other great sites out there including Pension Plan Puppets  (, Maple Leaf Hot Stove ( and The Leafs Nation (  There are other great sites as well that are all part of the larger Leaf family.

Sincere thanks again to those who visit here.  If you ever have a moment and would like to sign up as a “member”/follower here, that would be great too.

And as always, I look forward to the worthwhile comments the site receives every day.


  1. Belated congrats Michael on the 800th post; without doubt, a yeoman’s accomplishment. The internet is weird; there is more appreciation out there than you will ever be able to feel. Wouldn’t it be interesting to put all your readers in one room for an evening? Along those lines, the audio project with Matteo Codispoti is definitely worth it. Maybe a joint weekly project with Matteo and luminaries from PPP, MLHS and TLN would be a good idea? I think that there have been some efforts along those lines already. I am sure that it would easily surpass what the mainstream media is offering up. (Don’t get me started.) Something like that could grow: Group discussion and debate, a phone in segment, listener discussion questions and player and management guests? In time, who knows? It’s a brave new world …

  2. Bobby C....thanks for the kind and encouraging words. It is something worth seriously considering for sure, and will be part of my thinking over the Christmas season.....

  3. Wow, you talk a lot, Michael. Matteo could barely get a worn in. ;)
    Congrats as well to a long and excellent ride so far.

  4. This kind of production project might be interesting for an emerging audio producer(s) or media/journalism school kids, a boundless source of energy and talent. Just throwing some ideas out there ...