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Besides the promising Marlies, all quiet in Leaf-ville, except for the noise from us crickets

As the Marlies await their next playoff test, things are pretty much dormant when it comes to Maple Leaf activity. I’m sure their pro scouts are out assessing individual players in the ongoing NHL playoffs (now down to eight very good teams) who will likely be UFA’s or could at least be in Toronto’s line of sight when it comes to summertime trades.

Realistically, however, there is not much going on and there won’t be until just before the NHL draft, one would suspect.  That hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the down time to consider various potential future options for the blue and white.  This past week on VLM we have, for example, discussed (hey, it’s the Leafs, that’s what we often do to stay sane…every guy out there is gonna be a Leaf, right?) a few “possibilities” when it comes to what the brain trust might be contemplating heading into 2012-’13.

The names we’ve tossed around include Luongo, Tim Thomas, Iginla, Kiprusoff, Alexander Semin and a host of other candidates that would likely make the Leafs a better team in the short term- especially when we consider the influx of young talent seemingly on the way (Frattin, Kadri, Colborne, etc.) to go along with any major summer acquisitions.

In any event, as we prepare to watch the NHL quarter-finals (I’ll miss the first round, always my favorite hockey of the year) while looking forward to the Marlies’ efforts in their next round of the AHL playoffs, here are some recent or otherwise Leaf-related VLM posts to check out if they didn’t catch your eye the first time around:
  • Looking at the historical value of good goaltending and whether Luongo fits here
If you're interested in a bit more of a historical perspective, by all means visit my Leaf Legacy series, which details my memories of the team from the 1950s through to when VLM started in the fall of 2009.

As for the blue and white going forward, when you look at what some teams have done over the past twelve months (Panthers and Senators spring to mind), it provides some sense of hope that the Leafs, with those youngsters and some additional roster moves in the months ahead, could be one of next year's "surprises".  We keep seeing that once a team gets into the playoffs, things can indeed happen.

Meanwhile, we can enjoy the good hockey that is being played.


  1. If we're looking for positives - and heaven knows we are, here in Leafland - I think the glaring deficencies in our team are really brought into focus by watching the games so far. (Of course, they're the same holes that we've been commenting on all season long here). It seems clear that team defence is essential to any hopes of playoff success. "Five men playing goalie", as someone put it. And the grit to tough it out in front of the net. The only way to beat goalies like Rinne, Smith, et al seems to be to create traffic in front of him and muck it out. Perimeter shooting, a favorite of last year's Leafs, isn't going to get you anywhere. So we can have hope in Carlisle's approach - if he is given the players. As it stands, we won't be surprising anyone next year, in my opinion, because we don't have those key pieces - consistent goalie, shut-down defence pair, and muckers who can score. In three years, by my estimation, we might be there if some of our Marlies can deliver at the big league level. But if there's no significant improvement next year, I'll go put my parade gear in a storage locker.

  2. Sorry for the delayed response Gerund O'...You outlined the reality the team faces very well....