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“Leaf Matters” Episode 5 now on iTunes

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of individuals who have contacted me about the new podcast entitled "Leaf Matters".  Matteo Codispoti from We Want a Cup and I are working to develop a program that hockey fans (well, Leaf fans, in any event) will truly enjoy.

To be clear, we’re hardly trying to “compete” with mainstream media outlets.  We simply hope to provide some alternative listening, a different kind of outlet for hockey talk and a different kind of show.  We are just two long-time Maple Leaf supporters sitting back and talking about the blue and white—past and present.  We certainly don’t pretend that we represent all Leaf fans.  We are only two voices, but hopefully we will, at least sometimes, reflect the views and values that make up the broad diversity of opinions that shape Leafworld.

It’s funny—you would think that, because of the lockout, there would not be a lot to discuss.  But we haven’t faced that issue at all.  Oh, we'd certainly love to have Leaf games going on so we could chat about how the team looks, but we actually have plenty to bat around.  We both find that each show goes by pretty quickly.

I was born in 1953, Matteo in 1971—so we represent two somewhat different generations of Leaf fans.  But we are bound together by the fact that we have both been waiting a long time for the franchise to reach the success that I - and so many other Leaf fans of that generation - experienced as a young Leaf fan back in the early 1960s. 

1967 feels like a long time ago, but the Leaf legacy still means a lot to both Matteo and I—and I know it does to many of you as well.  We haven't celebrated a championship now for 45 years, since Stafford Smythe (left), son of the legendary Leaf founder Conn Smythe, owned the Leafs.

We can only hope the new Leaf ownership is as dedicated to winning a championship in the city of Toronto as the Smythe family was.

I invite you to visit the iTunes site and listen to Episode 5, and/or any of the previous “Leaf Matters” podcasts.  Here's the link:

If you’re interested in following "Leaf Matters" on Twitter (Matteo handles that responsibility) we can be found at @LeafMatters

People have also been asking where they can leave a comment on the podcasts.  I believe there is an opportunity to post comments on iTunes, and readers/listeners can absolutely leave comments here at Vintage Leaf Memories as well.  I’m sure Matteo and his crew of fine writers would enjoy hearing from you over at We Want a Cup.

As the show evolves in the weeks and months ahead, we will be chatting with ex-Leafs, fellow bloggers and everyday Leaf loyalists like ourselves.  If you’d like to talk about the podcast, or have any suggestions, contact me via Twitter at @VintageLeaf or by e-mail at

To those who have already listened to some of the episodes, a genuine thank you.  If you’d like to subscribe to Leaf Matters on iTunes, great.  (Evidently, the show was rated as "New and Noteworthy" this week on iTunes.  I know that we're "new", though I'm not sure how "noteworthy" we are.)

If you enjoy the podcasts, we hope you’ll stay with us.  And if you have particular questions that you would like us to discuss on the show, let Matteo know at @LeafMatters

There’s always something to talk about in Leafland, even during a lockout…

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