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“Leaf Matters” podcasts to be available on iTunes

Last week I mentioned here that a new podcast—devoted exclusively to hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs—had been launched.  I’m really pleased to be co-hosting the show with Matteo Codispoti, the founder of the excellent “We Want a Cup” Leaf site, located at

Episodes 1 and 2 of the “Leaf Matters” podcast are now available at We Want a Cup (episode 2 can  also be heard here —episode 1 is available on the right hand site of this site, under the picture of the 1962 Leaf calendar).   By November 8 or 9, each show (should?) will be available on iTunes!

As with most new ventures, it will take time to build a show and also to build an audience.  As much as we can, we aim to involve everyday fans like ourselves along with fellow bloggers as well.

Your feedback is appreciated—here, at We Want a Cup, on Facebook or via Twitter.  What we’ve heard from listeners so far has encouraged us to keep at it.  If and when the NHL season begins, there will be a host of Leaf-related issues to discuss and bat around weekly.

In the meantime, I invite you to listen to the podcasts that are already available.  If you have any show ideas, feel free to forward them to our Twitter account at @LeafMatters

And let's hope that the ongoing CBA talks, about to enter a third consecutive day on Thursday, are making genuine progress.

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