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Down Goes Brown pays a visit

One of the really enjoyable things I’ve been part of in recent weeks has been the birth of the “Leaf Matters” hockey podcast on the Podalmighty network.  Along with Matteo Codispoti from We Want a Cup, we have developed a number of shows that we hope will be of interest to Maple Leaf fans (and overall hockey enthusiasts) across Canada—and beyond.

We know that listeners won’t always share our perspective, just as readers sometimes disagree with my perspective here at VLM.  But isn’t that the fun of being a fan?  We all have our own history, background, perspective and opinions.  We all observe things a bit differently.  We like certain teams and hate certain teams.  We like some players, don't like others.  Some fans love statistical breakdowns, others simply focus on “what they see”.  Regardless, we band together in our appreciation for the Maple Leaf logo, and everything it has represented over many decades. This is a franchise with a proud legacy.

In addition to Leaf chat, on Leaf Matters we have been able to attract a number of really interesting guests to take part in the podcast.  Allan Bester, the fine little Leaf goalie from the ‘80s, was a guest.  We also chatted with long-time Leaf coach (and former Leaf player as well) Pat Quinn.  One-time Maple Leaf strength and conditioning coach Matt Nichol was a great guest, and we were especially pleased to be able to speak with the grand-daughter of Maple Leaf founder Conn Smythe (Elizabeth Brinton, a writer now based in Idaho) on another episode.

Some of you may have caught our conversation with ex-Leaf winger (he played for us twice, covering two different stints with the blue and white) Mark Osborne, who is fondly remembered for being a key part of those successful Pat Burns squads in the early-mid ‘90s.

This week, we  enjoyed chatting with a superb writer-blogger, who has developed what is perhaps the funniest hockey site on the web (he does stuff for The National Post as well), the now famous “Down Goes Brown”. Sean McIndoe is the creator of Down Goes Brown, and he shares a wide range of observations about the sport (and team) that he loves—which happens to be hockey and the Maple Leafs.

If you’d like to listen in to our conversation, here is the iTunes link

If you don’t use iTunes, here is the network link from Podalmighty 

Again, we know listeners won’t agree with our perspectives on everything, but we hope you can sit back, listen and enjoy the program.  Our objective is to provide an alternative to what you get from the mainstream media every day and create a show by Leaf fans—and for Leaf fans.   Just download an episode and have a listen.

Of course, we’d all prefer to be talking about actual, current Maple Leaf and NHL hockey, but in the meantime, we have found plenty to talk about on Leaf Matters!

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