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Reimer doubters can take a day off as the Leafs break past the Bruins mystique

Hey, I mentioned on Twitter before the game that there was no reason the Leafs should not be ready to break through against the Bruins.  And they did.  In my mind the Leafs were full measure for their win over their recent arch-nemesis Saturday night.  I will say that, in some ways, they did not actually play any better than in their previous two games against the Beantowners this season, but our shots were well placed, and getting an early lead against the low-scoring Bruins helped.

I’ll leave this post open for those who’d like to share their thoughts on the game. From my perspective, I have only a few observations:

Some will blame Reimer for letting the Bruins back in the game when it was 3-0, but I don’t think he saw the first Bruin goal at all.  He was screened and it trickled in.  He had zero chance on the goal Fraser deflected with a minute to go.

Reimer made some huge stops throughout the game, including just after the Bruins got within one in the final seconds.  Let’s give him some credit.  I’m not forecasting anything.  I’ll just take the win against a good team.  But I wrote a few days ago that as much as I like a lot of what Scrivens and Reimer have done this season, now is the time one or both have to really step up and earn their keep- or we'll spend the entire off-seaosn talking, fair or not, about goaltending again.  So this was a nice “start” for the goalies- and notably for Reimer.

(I will ask the question:  did Reimer actually play better against Boston, or did the puck hit him more than it has in recent games?  VLM readers know I’m a Reimer guy, but I also often say that goalies that play his style, well, the difference in "outcomes" and winning or losing is often location- and good fortune.  Meaning, all goalies who play that style go down to cover the bottom half of the net.  If a shot goes in over the shoulder, the shooter found the weak spot.  If it hits the goalie, he looks like a star. When shots go in, commentators say the goalies went down too soon; when they make a save, they were "square to the shooter" when the real difference was where the shooter put the puck...oh well.)

Quick aside, if we think Reimer 'missed' the first goal (and I don’t) how did Boston fans feel about their goaltending?  Three goals against on, what, less than 15 shots?

What I liked?

I loved Ryan Hamilton blocking a Chara shot in the first period and then skating right into the Boston behemoth to take him out of the play.  I liked Kessel blocking a Chara shot in the dying minutes, after a great back-check against Seguin.

Kulemin and Grabovski had some dangerous moments on offense.  They’ve been more in evidence in that regard lately and it’s good to see.  (Kulemin is the latest to gain his offensive stride once playing with Kadri…)

How can we not like that forecheck from the fourth line that led directly to a goal?  I made a note of it even before MacLaren scored, which was so reminiscent of the winger’s last goal a while back.  They hem the opposition in their own zone, puck comes free, MacLaren goes to the net—and we score.

Kadri was his usual self, netting a beauty a goal, hitting guys and playing with an edge all night.  He has been our best player much of the season—certainly the most dangerous. 

One cautionary note.  People won’t want to hear it, but Gardiner struggled significantly in my mind against the Bruins.  It’s not a criticism of the splendid young player, just what I saw and a concern I have noted about his game.  At least twice he coughed up the puck because of physical pressure, and those situations could have led to goals.  Other times he simply turned the puck over—the very thing that Carlyle doesn’t like, I’m guessing, about his game.  We all know Gardiner is a marvellous talent, but the one thing I keep saying about him is I want to see him against good opposition in the playoffs, when the checking is much tigher than it is during the regular season.  Then I’ll be more comfortable declaring what he can be.  He's an unflappable guy and should adjust without a problem.  But I'll be watching that.

In any event, I’m not going to nit-pick after beating one of the best teams in the East.  We won.  And deserved to win.  And even if we didn’t, too bad. 
The Bruins were missing some key defensemen.  But we were without Lupul and Komarov and Liles was hurt in the second period.  We needed this one, especially against the Bruins.

On to Boston.


  1. There was lots to like about this game.

    I liked Ryan Hamilton. His big size among smaller Leaf forwards was very useful. It's good to have a prospect like that...another guy who can come up and play useful games. At 48 points, 30 goals in in 56 games in the AHL this year you have to start wondering if he isn't ready for the NHL. On a lesser NHL team he might already be on the third line.

    I'm no that worried about Gardiner. The injury to Liles screwed up the defense pairings for. the rest of the night. I didn't want Liles hurt, (I actually thought he might have some great trade value,) but I am actually looking forward to seeing Gardiner and Kostka as a pairing. They were a pair on the Marlies and Kostka's bigger size and more 2-way play might prove a better match for Gardiner than Liles.

    Fraser McLaren might be a better hockey player than some people think.

    Gabo and Kulemin looked more like their old selves.

    The Kadri show continues. He's dangerous, all he needs is a inch. He comes back on defensive plays and he makes hits. That was big one near the end, but perhaps not the best timing. The Gilmour comparisons don't seem outlandish anymore.

  2. Yes, some good things in that game, DP. (I half wonder if Komisarek might get the call, a more physical guy, to play against the Bruins Monday night...we'll see!)

  3. I did see Gardiner struggling but it seemed to be every time he had jumped into an offensive rush they didn't play out as planned so he was racing back but he was able to get back and there was no actual damage. It may not have been his best night but you have to wonder what if some of those plays had worked out? It just seems he adds another dimension to the Leafs attack.

    Have to admit the Leafs had a little bit of luck tonight. A few years ago my Dad died and when I was clearing out his house I found the pyramid I had made back in 1976, tonight I said what the hell and put it on the TV before the game. I know, pretty dumb, but I was ready to try anything 37 years ago and I still am.

  4. Thank you so much for your amazing posts that are always full of insight and so open for discussion.

    It's amazing how well-behaved Bruins have been this year. I heard commentators mentioning something about Lucic remembering McLaren as being the only guy that has been able to knock him out. There is no way on earth that having Orr beat up Thorton and having McLaren ready to fight whoever does not make a difference. Bruins used to beat us up, bang us around, Marchand was running around being Marchand, Lucic was so much more confident in the past. It was great to see McLaren score and Orr assist. Amazing game for the 4th line.

    This game reminded me of the last year's final of the UEFA Champions League soccer tournament in which Chelsea defended their way to the title scoring a goal and then defending staunchly with all players committed to preventing a goal from being scored on them. They surrendered possession, they gave up a tonne of shots but they held on and won. I say this because I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by the 'advanced stats' people who are openly insulting our fourth liners and anyone that respects what they do while claiming to have "the key" to understanding hockey in the form of shots for/shots against (or scoring chances for and against) ratio. Leafs won this game by preventing Bruins from scoring 3 goals and they did that by ceasing possession and allowing shots and scoring chances but preventing the pucks from going in. They did it by getting into the Bruins' heads, by hitting and blocking shots and by creating unexpected and brilliant offence and scoring off the rush (counter-attack would be the soccer equivalent). Hockey is not soccer but in the end, scoring chances mean nothing and whoever scores more goals and prevents the opposition from scoring as much gets the win in both sports.

    I am so glad that we didn't lose Komisarek to waivers. We will need him. He is that big solid first-pairing shut-down defenceman that everyone is saying we need to get. I really hope Gardiner can pick up his game a little bit - he is starting to look like a defensive liability out there. If not, we have Ranger and Kostka and Komisarek and even Reilley and I wouldn`t hesitate to play them if I were Carlyle and I`m sure that Carlyle won`t either.

    Kadri is amazing right now. He may well be the hottest player in the NHL right now.

    I`m still waiting to see a game that Reimer steals. He`s been good but we`re still talking `giving a chance` as opposed to `stealing`. I`ve never believed in Reimer but at this point I will say that I can see him being the one. I just really need to see him steal us a game like the great Tim Thomas did for the Bruins so many times on their way to the Stanley Cup. Speaking of which, we must admit that Leafs winning tonight had something to do with the Bruins little problem in the net.

  5. Gardiner gets back very quickly, no question, Alton. And he does, as you say, bring a dimension we have been largely missing from the back end. My only "concern" is physicality in our own zone- or more specifically, his ability to take hits and hold on to the puck against a team that "presses", like the Bruins. That kind of forechecking is common in the playoffs. But he's a talent, for sure.

    It's amazing that you have your Red Kelly "pyramid" after all these years. I remember that 7-game series against the Flyers like it was yesterday. We were even leading Game 7 at the Spectrum, but they just had too much for us that night. Thanks for bringing back a great memory, Alton.

  6. While I sometimes get frustrated by the fact that some of our fourth-line guys get three minutes a night (that won't be much help in the playoffs), leafdreamer, like you, I see (and have posted about that here) that the Leafs are now a team no one, even the Bruins, likes/like to play against. Whether it's guys like McClement, Kadri and Komarov always finishing their checks, Fraser hammering guys on the back end, or having two players like Orr and McLaren protecting their smaller teammates, there is a grit to their game that simply hasn't been there since the Quinn era.

    All that said, I'm also with you that we were fortunate last night, but we did help create some of our own good fortune. Soccer is different, sure, but as in soccer, you can fight hard to prevent chances but you do depend on your goalie to bail you out sometimes. Even the best hockey teams rely on superb goaltending. Most Cup teams through history have. They have elite talent, check like mad, finish checks, fight for pucks, try to eliminate scoring chances but the fact is goalie still has to be your "best" player many nights. It's just the way it is. Hockey is a game of mistakes, and you need your goalie to make big-time (and timely) saves.

    While I see the role of advanced stats, I'm not someone who depends on that in my "analysis" or evaluation. I think even the best coaches balance that information with their feel for the game and what they "see" with their own eyes to make decisions in-game and as they prepare for upcoming games.

    I'm glad Komisarek is around, too. I mentioned to DP last night he may still come in handy.

    I won't argue that I want to see Reimer steal some games. He was close to that last night. I just think he's a better goalie than a lot of people give him credit for, when I look around the league. I heard a fan on the radio the other day say it was time to let him go. For me, that would be a wrong-headed approach.

    Thank you for the kind words about VLM, by the way. Much appreciated. Visit anytime, leafdreamer.

  7. Like most of the wins this year, this one is about Riemer being very good. Full stop. If you think you can win games on a consistent basis being out shot 33-13 your absolutely wrong, no question about it. Last night the 4th line had a good game unfortunatly, it doesn't even come close to the bad games they have had. On most nights they get three minutes of ice time and are usually pinned in their own end for most of that time. They are not good hockey players and I refuse to believe they make any difference to the outcome of the game. That is not to say I disrespect them. They do a tough job and as long as the NHL has the enforcer role they will be here. I respect the job they do but they are still not good hockey players. To say Lucic isn't confident because McClaren is ready to fight him is just wrong. He isn't cofident because he has only scored twice in 22 games. I seriously doubt McClaren has much to do with that.

    It was nice to see Kessel make a huge back check late in the game. If he did that on a regular basis he could be among the best in the game he has that kind of potential. I don't think he can get credit for a blocked shot though since he did everything except dig a hole on the ice to get out of the way. Was pretty funny though.

    I thought Hamilton set the tone early by blocking a Chara shot then going right after him with a good clean hockey play. That is the definition of tough hockey not Orr and Thornton in a pointless fight. Dare I say it "muckulence". Kadri is becoming very good and he is another player who refuses to back down. I think that is the difference this year, you have guys like Kadri, Komarov, McClement, Kulemin, Fraser and Grabovski. You put them in the line up and get rid of Connolly, Lombardi, Armstrong, Crabb and Steckel and you have a team with much more sandpaper but also has much more talent. Yes, I know some played on both teams but they weren't the problem. That is why they are harder to play against because they have guys who compete spread throughout the line up but can actually score as well.

  8. Good stuff, thanks Willbur. We were full measure for the victory, but we also, yes, caught the Bruins (Lucic without a goal in forever, as you say) when they are struggling offensively. But that's all part of the game.

    Kessel showed some fire, yes, which is great and Hamilton set a tone, agreed. He's been a solid pro for years in the AHL.

    Reimer sure helped against the Bruins, and he has helped much of the season. I'm much more pro-Reimer than a lot of folks, I guess.

    Thanks Willbur!

  9. The bottom line is we won. Against the Bruins. That's just extra special. We couldn't seem to beat them and it was just killing me (and all Leafs fans I would think).

    Kardi kepps on rolling, and Kessel getting physical was a great sign. I have to agree that Gardiner needs to be a bit tougher for him to become a force back on the blueline. Reimer has no fault on the goals, and did look pretty good, sharp I would say. Now we have to keep it up.

    As for the Chelsea reference by leafdreamer, before they got to the final they had to go through Benfica. And as I recall Chelsea was outplayed by Benfica and if not for some questionable oficiating would not have gotten past that round. So to go along with good defence and goaltending a team also needs luck.

    Like I've written before, we had good luck some games, bad luck others. If it evens out I think we'll be going to "round one".

    1. Funny how portugese leaf has issues with officiating when Benfica loses. Chelsea also defeated Barcelona in semi-finals the same way - by defending and it is even more relevant beause Barca owned everybody for years with their posession game... But we better stop with soccer references before we get kicked off these forums.

      I understand that there is a big difference between the two sports and that there's no winning anything in hockey while being consistently outshot (Willbur) and that anyone can beat anyone on any given night and so on but I do still think that leafs defence has improved and is they key to their consistency and success this year. While it may not appear on the scoresheet or whatever sheet one may want to use with numbers on it that Leafs are allowing more shots than ever or whatever, it is plain for everyone to see that the chances and shots allowed this year are not as good as last year. Is PK not 'defence'? - Leafs are at the top of the league in PK. The defensive game is better - Kadri ia backchecking, Kessel is backchecking etc.

      Reimer and Scrivens are not the reason we're winning. They are better than they've been last year but they are also being very well protected by a defensive system that has been instituted by Carlyle.

    2. Well I'm not convinced they are actually all that better defensively. On average they give up more shots than Wilson's teams did and from closer in as well( I refer you to an article by Steve Burtch at PPP). I do agree they are a harder group in front of the net and and that helps. The PK is much better this year and I will give full credit to Carlyle and his coaching staff here. The biggest areas a coach can influence a team is on the special teams and there is no argument that the Leaf's are better here.

      I just can't buy the argument that the goaltender's aren't the reason they are winning. The team has improved under Carlyle on special teams but on 5 on 5 they are still pretty bad. To me goaltending is the single most improved aspect of this hockey team.

  10. We all know, eh portuguese leaf, that even Cup-winning teams need a lot of luck to advance and ultimately win a championship. Of course you need talent and tremendous dedication and elite goaltending, but getting good breaks always helps a ton.

    Can we keep it up? I think the Leafs can. I've said the playoffs are there for us. Nothing that has happened has changed my mind. Once we get there, we can adjust our critiques and expectations. Thanks portuguese leaf.

  11. I really felt for Mark Fraser on the second Bruins goal, because he does everything he can to 'prevent and protect' (sort of reminds me of the mindset of an offensive lineman mentioned in "The Blind Side"). In this case, if he hadn't stuck out a stick and foot, I think James was well-positioned to make the save. That said, it's one of the only times I recall Fraser's efforts turning out this way... and that says a lot when you consider the way he plays. Rather effective, I would say. [and I agree, there's no way Reimer could see the first goal shot, I think he 'heard it' and dropped to the butterfly, still having a chance to make the save but it didn't work out].

    Also, where would we be if Dion wasn't well-positioned in front of the net and calmly swatting away that puck to the point in the last 15 seconds when the Leafs were under seige. I think Phaneuf has been very effective containing the opposition along the boards this season, and that is what young Gardiner seems to lack in his game. I'd love for the captain to take him aside and show him the ropes in this regard. That alone would make Jake a better defensive player... he does need to be more 'engaged' in that regard. He just seems a bit 'peripheral' - like Kessel (on other nights).

    Phil has shown us that he's capable of playing with more physicality and intensity in recent games. He's actually quite solid and when he engages or stands his ground, we see that he just might be able to do more... hope we keep seeing him make such choices at least once a game - it'll give him more room and keep the opposition 'honest'.

    I can't see Liles coming back for at least 7-10 days (which is unfortunate since he was starting to look like pre-concussion JM). It seems like we'll see Kostka in the lineup with Jake on Monday, though a right side callup might just happen - perhaps Korby or Komi will get the call. Jake could probably use a more physical pairing partner and any one of the 3 has their benefits.

    Kostka has been long-paired (effectively) with Jake in the "A", though I wonder if Carlyle would be ready to try that pairing against Boston! Korby just went down and has some work to do, and Komi hasn't played in game action for awhile. As much as I expect a player with a 'K' in their name to be in the lineup, I do wonder if there's any other option? Should be interesting to see who Carlyle will use and who he will bring up as the 7D.

    Truly enjoyed seeing the team get that 'bear off their back' (monkey seems inappropriate somehow)...

  12. Like you, InTimeFor62, I will never criticize a player (in this case, Fraser) for playing hard, making the effort if things just don't work out on a particular play. That happens. (I wrote a post here a while back about Bobby Orr being criticized after a game at the Gardens in the late '60s, when he supposedly "scored" twice in his own net. He was actually in the right position, was making plays and the puck bounced in off him. Hardly his fault...same with Fraser...)

    I like Gardiner a lot, I just can't help but point out what I see. Maybe Phaneuf will spend some time with him, as you suggest. It's not as though Gardiner is not capable. He's young and learning every day.

    Maybe it's already been announced and I've missed it, but I would not be shocked to see Komisarek. I have to believe that, with injuries being a certainty if they get to the playoffs, they still want to know what they have with Komi. We already know Kostka gives us certain things. Will Carlyle continue to "experiment", as I have said before? Thanks, InTimeFor62.

    1. After posting my interest in a potential callup and reflecting upon how unsure I was about any of the potential pairings, it struck me that Jesse Blacker has played well this season with the Marlies and I wondered if Carlyle might want a look to see how he'd fit in.

      No idea whether he'll be in the lineup or the press box, but the Leafs have called up Blacker today! Not surprising they'd bring up a right side D-man, but it is an interesting choice, though I think I saw someone mention that Komi may be hurt (since he only played 1 of the 3 weekend games for the Marlies) and Holzer is paired with Morgan Rielly (perhaps with a view to a possible future pairing?!).

  13. Michael I would rather be outplayed or outshot and win everytime than to be outplaying the other team and lose. good teams are opportunistic and come through in the crunch just like the Leafs last night. The team battled so hard and were full measure for the win. The look on Phaneufs face at the end of the game said it all, he was a warrior out there last night. The whole team came together and would not be denied victory. I believe this will be a turning point game for the Leafs. Now can we follow up with another win in beantown???

  14. Well said, purch...I'm sure the Leafs (especially those who have seen the team mostly struggle against Boston in recent years) were tremendously relieved, Phaneuf included.

    The return match in Beantown? That's asking a lot. The Bruins will, I'm guessing, be ready at home. But the Leafs have one in the bag, and are playing with the house money on Monday night. So who knows?

  15. As much as I love European soccer, leafdreamer, I better not intervene as a moderator on soccer discussions here- that would be pretty passionate stuff and I'm not sure I'm up to the task!

    I think the great thing about being a fan (or at one of the great things) is that we can all cheer for the same team yet see things a bit differently. One person believes great goaltending as the reason for a particular win; someone else sees a team effort, or the play of a particular forward, etc..

    It's the same with how people seem to view Carlyle: some are convinced he has been the central difference this season, because of the attitude he has brought to the team and his attention to detail as well as his line-matching and such things. Others feel he is simply the beneficiary of better goaltending than his predecessor. Yet others are convinced we have a major goaltending problem.

    Disagreement all around, it seems.

    All Leaf fans, looking at the same picture- but either with different eyes, or at least seeing things differently. And that's OK.

  16. Blacker is a surprise choice for me, InTimeFor62. Let's see how it goes!