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What the heck, everyone else does, so let’s speculate: Kiprusoff, anyone?

There’s really no point in a lot of idle speculation since we will know within the next 36 hours (or less, by the time some of you check in here) whether Dave Nonis makes any actual moves before the trade deadline, but since people seem to be talking about this whole “veteran goalie” thing again, I just thought I’d throw something into the hopper.

Long before the current supposed discussions about any interest the Leafs might have in Calgary netminder Miikka Kiprusoff, I posted here a year ago that it might be an idea for the blue and white to look west—and not necessarily at Luongo, to try and at least shore up what was perceived as a trouble spot in net.  (Since Toronto has evidently been granted permission to talk with the long-time Flame, chances are this is more than speculation...there has to be genuine interest on the part of the Maple Leafs.)

Now, we all know with the benefit of hindsight that Reimer (which, to be clear, I said here many times I thought he would be able to do) has rebounded with a generally solid season—albeit a short one—in the Maple Leaf goal.  But since even Nonis admits he thinks about adding experience to the roster (never a bad idea on a good team lacking exactly that), including in goal, I figured I would chime in on the subject today.

My question for you is simple:  would you be interested in Kiprusoff?  If so, what would you be prepared to give up in return?

I know Nonis is not disposed to moving young players, and I am particularly loathe to deal young defensemen, especially after both Aulie and Schenn have already been traded away.  Why?  I always believe you need to have a lot of capable defensemen ready to play in the playoffs.  A couple of injuries and you can go from having lots of depth on the blueline to needing decent defensemen pretty quickly.

But if you had your druthers and were in Nonis’ shoes, would you consider trading, say, any of the following guys:


for a solid veteran defenseman, or a nertminder like Kipper—or here we go again, Luongo?

For the record, I want Reimer in net.  I'd like to see what he can do at playoff time.  But I enjoy a good discussion.

We’ll maybe have more to bat around after the deadline on Wednesday, but for now, any thoughts?


  1. Under no circumstances should the Leafs trade for a 37 year old (read: probably declining)Goalie who currently has worse numbers than Gustavsson, Toskala or Raycroft. Especially not with Ben Scrivens posting a .918 sv% while being a decade younger.

    That's not to even get into cap hits (Scrivens is signed for a pretty nice 600K for next year versus 5.833 Million for Kiprusoff) which could cause significant problems for upgrading our roster in other spots, much less keeping talented players like Macarthur and Gunnarsson.

    The only pro-Kipper argument I've seen for Kipper is playoff experience. In a vacuuum that's a nice thought, but it's not something you probably want to pay for. Anaheim made it to the finals in 2003 without it, Carolina won the finals without it in 2006, Niemi won without it in 2010, and Jonathan Quick had all of 12 games prior to last year.

  2. I hear you- I wanted to trigger some discussion, mapleleafmjt- you've started it! Thanks.

  3. Well the only way to get playoff experience is to actually play in the playoffs. While I'm quite happy with Reimer in net a little back up is never a bad thing. I don't know about Kipper but they do need some experience in case of injury to Reimer or Scrivens. If either of those guys get hurt who on earth would they bring up? None of the goalies down on the farm are having banner years. So maybe not Kipper but some kind of fall back plan.

    To me I would look to see what I could get from Columbus. We still need a minute munching defenseman to play with Phaneuf. I like Tyutin and think he would be a real good fit moving forward here. I have also read Columbus is looking for a top 6 forward and is willing to deal one of their first round picks or maybe even a defenseman. So maybe some combination of Frattin, Bozak could make a deal there. I would look into it for sure.

    To me, none of the guys you mention would I be loathe to part with in a deal if it helps the Leafs now. They are all decent players but probably not part of the long term plan here in Toronto.

    My best guess is the Leafs really do nothing of signifigance this year. Which might be the best plan of all.

  4. I espicially like Tyutin now the Bowmeister has gone to the Blues. Trade deadline is going to be kinda boring everybody is already gone.

  5. You may well be right, Willbur. TSN and Sportsnet may spend a lot of time talking about Sidney Crosby....

  6. I'm not crazy about this move, I like the tandem of Reimer and Scrivens pushing each other for years to come.


    No way...It would kill me if Scrivens turned into a number 1 in Calgary.

    The only way I can see it, is if it's for a 3rd rounder and Kipprusoff is on a two way-deal in some mentor role like Giguere. Maybe if Kipper is going to retire at the end of this year, he could be a cheep insurance policy should one of our guys go down, but I just don't see that. I am worried that it could be as bad as the Conolly deal.

  7. Everyone likely feels a little bit differently about this one, DP. I'm sensing for many Leaf fans it would depend on what the Leafs have to give up in return....

    1. I've had faith in the future tandem of Scrivens and Riemer since I watched Scrivens play in the AHL playoffs last year.

      That faith has been well rewarded as we are close to clinching a playoff spot with the youngsters.

      This just seems too much like divorcing a loyal wife, upon hearing that you might be coming into allot of money.

      It's called Karma. I sometimes think the way Keon, Sittler and Lanny McDonald were treated cursed the Leafs for the future. We don't want any more curses. We want good Karma. Dance with the one that brought you.

  8. Feaster might take a bag of pucks, and a milkshake at this point just to move Kipper, and keep that rebuild train rollin. I don't want em in Toronto. Don't believe we need him for this season, or next season and beyond. Laregly for the same reasons above of declining skills, high cost etc. I wouldn't trade anything away right now except draft picks, and guys in the Marlies (Obviously not Reilly.) But also, I'm just fine with standing pat, and seeing what we've really got come playoff time in May, and God willing even June :).

    BTW Happy belated Easter to all, and congrats to Michael on the 1200th post Milestone. I haven't been coming here for long, but it's a great site for sensible Leafs convos. Thanks for your hard work.

  9. I think you know I've been a Reimer guy since long before this season even started, DP. And I've long opposed the notion of trading for Luongo, for a whole host of reasons. But I recognize others may feel differently. And an injury to one of those guys after the deadline may put us in a tough spot- though I suppose the same could be said if the number-one guy for most teams was injured after the deadline.

    I hear you on the history of mistreating loyal Leafs.

  10. The Flames are finally tossing all the chairs overboard the Titanic (years too late, perhaps), Anon, so I don't doubt Feaster will indeed move Kiprusoff if he is able to convince him to move.

    I wonder what it would take for some team to acquire him? Maybe a bit more than we might think. It's part of the fun of the trade deadline so we'll all stay tuned.

    Thanks for the kind words about VLM- I hope you'll continue to visit when you get the chance.

  11. I know the ECHL isn't the NHL--or even close in many regards. That said, I did watch Reimer basically single-handedly deliver the Kelly Cup to his Carolina Stringray teammates, in a 'great' best of 7 against the Alaska Aces. Reimer was 3-1 in the series w/a shutout, and his one loss was in double OT. The Aces lit up the 'Rays other tender. Say what you will about lack of NHL playoff experience. But, though it wasn't NHL level, the guy was money in that final's series, and DOES know a bit about playoff pressure.

    I'd keep Reimer, and let Feaster, Kipper, Luongo, etc pound salt!

  12. In a word, no. Unlike you, Michael, I was not as sure about Reimer going in to this year, and Scrivens scared me as our emergency plan because we knew next to nothing about him. But both goalies have proven very capable this year, and I think at this point the job is theirs to keep unless they show they don't deserve it.

    I was an early proponent of trading for Luongo too, and right now that contract just looks insane. For Kipper, he might be a bit over the hill. I do think that he wants to be a starter and I'm not at all sure what dynamic he would bring sitting on the bench. We are not ready for a cup run yet and therefore I see no reason to give up any youthful assets for a rental. It's time to let Reimer know he is our man in net.

  13. You make a fair point about Reimer's experience, Anon. We would likely all agree that minor-league play isn't the same as NHL playoff action, but it is important nonetheless.

    The only way he will ever get that "experience" at this level is to give him the chance to show what he can do. If the rest of the team plays hard and well, then we can judge his level of play. Thanks Anon.

  14. Hi Pete- just to be clear, I was not sure that Reimer would be good this season. I think what I tried to convey in a number of posts heading into this season is that I believed Reimer could still do the job. And I'm glad he has, to this point, played pretty well.

    I know people have been split on the Luongo thing- some really wanted him (still do), others not at all. I was in the latter camp. As for Kiprusoff, if he told the GM a week ago he did not want to move, how much should the Leafs give for a player whose heart is not really into playing anywhere but Calgary? Like you, Pete, I'd prefer to let Reimer, if healthy, run with the ball and then we can start to project his future potential as a big-game goalie.

  15. MIchael,

    For all the good work Reimer and Scrivens have done this year. At different times both of them have proved that they are, and can be going forward legitimate NHL goalies. Why are we talking about getting tow guys that are older and have lower save percentages than the two guys we have? The ongoing willingness to do these kinds of things, as well as discuss them is very troubling/annoying/disturbing. Neither Luongo or Kipper, have won the Stanley Cup. They have both played in the Finals, but really, I don't see this as a big advantage over Reimer. They do still use the same puck and rules in the playoffs, right?

    I was all for getting Luongo, if you'll recall, I said if the price was low. I would still make the trade, just now what is going back to Vancouver would be along the lines of Komisarek and a 7th round pick, nothing more. If Gillis doesn't want that kind of return, he needs to look elsewhere. I'm fine with Reimer, thank you very much. The Leafs do not need to make this kind of move, and I think the price should reflect that. Besides, Reimer has proven to be a number one goalie. Not sure that bringing in Luongo or Kipper, doesn't give us a "Mo Money, Mo Problems' scenario.

    Out of the players you mentioned the only one I would be willing to trade for something we don't have. Say a proven playoff performer on the back end would be MacArthur. I like the depth and versatility he gives the team for the playoffs, but the need on the back end seems greater to me. Having Holzer as the first option for an injury call up is rather scary. Maybe two or three years from now, he won't be, but now he is. The only reason to trade Bozak is if we can get a better No. 1 centre. I am not comfortable giving huge minutes and responsibility to Kadri yet.

    Doing the most to put the team in a position to win a series or two. Hey, you never know with upsets happening. The team needs to add pieces, not get rid of pieces we already have.

  16. Well Michael, let me first preface my comments by saying that goal-tending is not a problem for the Leafs right now. That being said, I'm not adverse to the Leafs acquiring a "quality" veteran goaltender. That veteran would act as a backup and mentor to Reimer, and bring both leadership and playoff experience to this young team. In my mind Reimer is, and will be the Leafs #1 goaltender, hopefully for years to come. Will there be games he struggles, for sure. If he went down with another injury, you'd prefer to have a veteran step in, rather than an inexperienced goalie, and an even more inexperienced backup as Scrivens' backup.

    I have been surprised and impressed with how well Scrivens has played, and he's done a remarkable job during the time Reimer was on the IR. BUT, I'm still not sold that he's a #1 goaltender, or ever will be.

    Now, assuming you can see the advantages of having a veteran goalie on the roster, then the question becomes what price are you willing to pay. If any picks are involved, they better be second round or later. If it involves trading a player, then it better be a depth player with age, or a couple of lesser prospects. Status quo is still an option, so you don't sell out just to get a veteran goalie.

    I may be in the minority here, but I understand what Nonis has been trying to do with respect to trying to get a veteran goalie.

  17. The cost has already been determined, a third round draft choice rising to a second depending on performance criteria which have not been revealed. In my opinion, mapleafmjt nailed it. There are only rarely hockey trades these days; rather they are contract trades or contracts traded for futures. However, this potential trade is not as innocuous as it might seem at first glance. It has massive ramifications which make it a nerve wracking unnecessary gamble. One titanic downside to a potential Kiprusoff deal would be reduced flexibility in other areas because of diminished cap space, but there are many more as well ably documented by fans in the Barilkosphere and the mainstream comments sections. As one lady wrote: “Turn your phone ringer off Nonis. Then bury it.”

    The similarities between the Pogge, Rask, Raycroft situation of many years ago are not lost on some. And we all know how that went. That trade was fuelled by an underlying delusional thinking, a yearning for a quick fix and a failure to recognize obvious truths. However, in this case, nothing is broke. So why fix it, why monkey with something that is functioning well? The risk to team chemistry and reduction of cap flexibility is completely unnecessary. Goaltending success in the playoffs is about team performance along with focus and concentration. Playoff experience for a goaltender does not matter. Either of Reimer or Scrivens is capable and to think that an aging veteran in an off year can do better smacks of delusional thinking.

    So, while Feaster tosses deck chairs off the Titanic, Nonis contemplates steering the team into an iceberg. I just don’t know. How did this nonsense strike us out of the blue? Maybe somewhere in Italy J.S. Aubin is sticking pins into a little Maple Leaf doll? Or, maybe Nonis should take some of his own advice: Turn off the cell phone, take a long walk around the block and bury it.

  18. My instincts suggest the scenario you describe, Don (TML_fan) is precisely what Nonis is investigating as we speak. Not to supplant Reimer, but to ensure we have a capable veteran in place should he falter, or be hit with an injury.

    We'll know in the next 24 hours. Thanks Don.

  19. Despite my advanced years and more than five decades of observing the Leafs closely, I may be naive in thinking that, while I'm very much a Reimer guy, Nonis may simply be thinking of "insurance". That is, Kiprusoff as a back-up only, just "in case". Is it possible that this would not call into question Reimer's role, or impact the delicate chemistry of a team just emerging into being a competitive squad?

    I think, Bobby C., your point is that we should not create an "issue" where there is none. We are not planning parades, so Leafland will be fine if Reimer or Scrivens do not take us to the promised land this spring. (Heck, three months ago we figured there wouldn't even be a season, and if there was, we would not be very good...)

    I think I can live with either outcome: the status quo, or an experienced goalie who would slide in as an emergency back-up.

    What I'd really like is one more power forward, or a solid defensive defensemen. Thanks Bobby!

  20. Perhaps I should clarify a comment I made the other day when I suggested going “for Kipper if he’s not too expensive” – I would prefer to stand pat with Reimer/Scrivens, but acknowledge that something ‘unreported’ or ‘more complicated’ might be in the mix AND not knowing what that might be, I’d prefer a shorter term option like Kiprusoff than a contract-heavy commitment like Luongo.

    If it is wisely ‘unreported’ that Reimer’s knee is actually ‘wonky’ and requires surgery in the offseason, then it would have increased the cost to acquire a stop-gap/experienced mentor should Nonis have decided that he can’t rest the potential playoff opportunity on said knee.

    When I dip into the pool of 'fandom' and decide to read the comments (note: I haven't read any above, yet) that I’ve seen on other sites (on many topics), it amazes me how many people will decide that any GM is a fool (or worse) for even considering his options with all the information HE has available to him (that we don’t know) and consider that he might actually be choosing to ‘manage’ the situation he knows.

    Of course, if we knew (without question) all of the issues he faces, we may actually agree with his present course (or, conversely, choose to disagree anyway). I prefer to be a bit more patient and open to possibilities, knowing that all the variables haven’t been disclosed.

    Given ALL that we DON’T know, I like to play some mental games in our speculative GM world with what we DO know. I’ve been ‘playing with’ the financial and cap flexibility advantage that the Leafs have and considering how that might provide a win-win(-win) scenario that COULD ‘play out’. So I return to the idea that a negative (5.833 M Cap hit 1.5M salary for Kipper) for the Leafs, might be turned into a positive for another team like the Islanders (who have what we want).

    Wang seems to be very interested in lowering his actual salary expenditures at (or below!) the cap floor (see Tim Thomas, whose ‘benefit’ ends this season). The basic idea is that Toronto could acquire Kipper for the playoff run as an experienced 3rd goalie (in the event of injury or implosion), he might be interested in coming to the Leafs for a few reasons. Among them, he could receive the last 1/8th (or so) of his 48 game prorated 5M paycheck (and potentially earn the rest of his contract WITHOUT playing), where the Leafs could also exercise a humanitarian concern for Mikka’s family situation, letting him have a couple weeks to sort out the new baby issues.

    By getting paid, yet not reporting for family reasons, the present tandem is unaffected and realizes they are still valued AND Kipper has time to set his situation in order (and would be more mentally ready to contribute - if called upon - after a more relaxing transition to his new role.

    Of course there is some word of an extension that (if Mikka wants it) could be on the table to make it more worth his (and the Leafs’ transitional) while. The Leafs could commit to a 5M 1 year extension with a signing bonus of 4M that gets paid next season with his present 1.5M (5.5M total), leaving him with 1M salary and 5M cap hit for the next season, still making him an option for a team like NY to pad their options to reach the cap floor without a huge commitment (even if the player doesn’t play… which may be the Leafs thinking whether they extend him or not).

    If Kipper is not called upon at all through the playoffs, his salary to cap ratio is valuable to the NYI… hence my tie-in to a DiPietro trade scenario that uses our financial ‘potential buyout clout’ to leverage a deal for Tavares or a 1st rounder or ??? Throwing a Kipper contract into the mix (where we even retain ½ of the remaining salary to ensure Mikka gets paid - even if he doesn’t play - and resolves the ‘cap benefit recapture’ component for all the affected teams - Cgy, Tor, NYI) allows a multi-faceted winning scenario possibility.

    I love solutions where everybody wins! That’s why I like this kind of speculation :)

  21. Thanks for a very thoughtful post, InTimeFor62.

    I'm certainly not going to say any particular perspective on this subject is off-base. We all bring our own views to what the Leafs could/should/might do when it comes to subjects like goalkeeping or the trade deadline. We just want things to work out for the best in the long run.

    I do think Nonis is a sensible, experienced guy who would not want to derail what the team has done so far, or break up team chemistry. Anything he does, I presume, would be to try to enhance the current roster and the team's flexibility- as well as Carlyle's ability to put a competitive team on the ice the rest of this season and beyond.

    Your thoughts on Kiprusoff are interesting. It would require patience and understanding on the part of the Leafs, and who knows, maybe that olive branch could be extended.

    As you say, it's fun speculation, and we, as fans, have a right to that, eh?

  22. Having already been rather verbose in my comments, I failed to answer who I would be willing to part with to obtain Kipper… I did hear something about a 3rd pick becoming a 2nd under certain circumstances, so we may not have to think about that too much.

    However, it may be that MacArthur is the only guy that COULD leave, without creating too big of a hole in the lineup. I think Bozak stays and finds out his market value once the reality of the lower cap hits in the off season. He may just want to stay with his friends if the grass isn’t greener somewhere else.
    I also wonder about Connolly and his impact on the Marlies… will the team keep him as a possible call-up or send him away for a pick/prospect? Is he actually more valuable to keep around for the playoff run/development of the Marlies (replacing Aucoin, if you will)?

    Has anyone heard what’s up with Komisarek – he hasn’t played since his first game with the Marlies?!

    Kudos on the site 1200 milestone... and thanks for the forum I most enjoy visiting!

    The next few hours will be interesting!

  23. I agree with those who don't think goaltending is our #1 concern. A top tier defenceman is, in my opinion. We keep reading about "playoff experience", but I'm not sure how anything is really different for a goalie. And, as many others have said, there's only one way to get playoff experience -play!
    I suppose a case could be made that there'll be more net crashing in the playoffs, and Reimer's injury history means we could be left with Scrivens and Rynnas as our goalies, so a little veteran insurance is a prudent move. If that's the motivation, maybe it makes sense. (By the way - how many other teams have a third goalie they can call on?) But not at the cost of one of our young players. Nonis has said he'll be a buyer, so perhaps we're all on the same page.
    Going forward, we're going to need an improved D and a couple of forward pieces. Colborne seems to be rounding into shape, Rielly, Blacker, Biggs... out come my blue and white shades again!
    I think any panic move on our part - and that's not the feel I get from Nonis - has too much potential to be disastrous this late in the season. Let's see what we've got, and have them get some of that precious playoff experience!

  24. i'm a tremendous fan/supporter of reimer, and i feel that scrivens has mostly impressed as well!
    i like the idea of 'insurance' that you mention mike, but... it comes at such a high price! i am NOT interested in the leafs acquiring luongo because of his really long/expensive contract, and kiprusoff is similar except his contract expires spring of 2014 (much shorter than luongo).
    if nonis swings a deal for either of these two aging goalies, it will be his first move to make me really cringe.
    along the same lines... an interesting topic for you to discuss is, 'brian burke's team has taken off... without brian burke.' the team that burke assembled is finally kicking some butt (thanks to the strong play of kadri and lupul, the streaky play of JVR and kessel, and the fact that ron wilson is no longer behind the bench). i don't miss his media-presence, but... i DO like this team!

  25. I have to agree with Bobby Craig. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. Sure, our guys lack NHL playoff experience. But bringing in a guy who hasn't been there since 2009, and hasn't gone past round one since 2004 wouldn't bring in nearly as much as one might think.

    Another thing about Kipper is, that in earlier years he was repeatedly offered spots in Finnish national squad, and he repeatedly told the coaches, that he either gets a guaranteed starter gig, or he won't be interested. As a result, he seldom ended up participating. He's also been an absolute workhorse for the Flames in the past, has indicated his unwillingness to leave Calgary whenever his name has surfaced in transfer talk, so why he would be interested in a backup role elsewhere is beyond me.

    Kipper is the kind of guy you might go after if your team was a powerhouse but with suspect goaltending. We are not a powerhouse, but our goalies have handled themselves just fine. If they fail in the playoffs, so be it. But they've done enough thus far for us to stick with them for a bit longer.

  26. I am taking the news that the Leafs have signed Drew MacIntyre to an NHL contract as a hopeful sign that the Kiprusoff foolishness is going nowhere. Unlike Kiprusoff, Drew MacIntyre is showing excellent numbers and at 29 he is in his prime as an athlete. In fact, I am surprised at some of the information being bandied about, such as James Mirtle opining that “the Flames could want a young goalie that can play in return for any deal for Kiprusoff (in addition to other assets)”. My reading of the situation is that Feaster would surrender some of his own assets to be rid of Kiprusoff’s cap-eating contract. Obviously, given the shedding of Bowmeister and Iginla, Feaster’s plan is to attempt a quick rebuild from the free agent pool and trading for expensive assets from other teams needing to get under the cap. Giving up a second or third round draft pick for Kiprusoff would not only handicap the Leafs salary structure and introduce unknown chemistry, it is gross overpayment for an unwanted “asset” that Feaster is eager to shed. Even if this folly goes nowhere, it concerns me that it ever became a discussion. If anything, it has undermined my confidence in management’s intelligence and sound judgment.

  27. My other thought is that if the Leafs value a veteran presence with their goalies, we can always hire Cujo, Potvin, or Bower to sit in the locker room or in the tunnel without it costing the Leafs assets or cap space.

  28. I think you've hit the nail on the head, Gerund O'- Nonis is mostly, I'm guessing, thinking about a goalie for the reasons you cite above, not any lack of desire to give Reimer a chance in the playoffs.

  29. Thanks Alex C.. Some of the Burke pieces have indeed worked out- so far. His many mistakes will be somewhat forgotten if the team continues to improve over time. We'll see if this team can continue to make steps. A playoff berth is a first step, for sure.

  30. In Leafland, you have a unique perspective on Kiprusoff because of your familiarity with Finland, CGLN. You raise some thoughts that many might not have considered about his "history". Fine goalie and all that, but you mention valid concerns.

    I think a lot of Leaf supporters share your view. Thanks CGLN.

  31. Bobby C.- it may be that this is mostly media speculation, and not something Nonis is seriously contemplating...I guess we'll know tomorrow!

  32. I guess Bower would have to wear a mask if we needed him as an emergency replacement, mapleleafmjt- at 88, he'd still do us proud, I'm sure! But I like the idea of a presence like one of those guys, though I guess management would see that as St. Croix's role...

  33. The way I approach this is as follows. The Leafs decided to try out their young tandem, which I thought was the right decision as well as a little brave. It turns out it was the right decision after all. The question is, what else did they expect R and S to do in order to "meet the test"? Did they really decide to try out the two kids and decide it was a success only if they both played lights out, first in save percentage, etc, etc? It seems to me the Leafs aren't showing the courage they initially exhibited when they decided to run with the kids. You took a chance, Dave, and you won! Don't start acting like you didn't. The kids have played better (while still learning!!! and going through withdrawal symptoms from the toxic Allaire!!!) than more than half the goalies in the league, your team is sitting pretty, they obviously have faith in the young netminders, and what are we looking at doing - precisely what we would have done had the "experiment" been a failure. Reimer is such a polite kid, he keeps talking about how the wise executives will make the right decision, how he only knows about stopping pucks, but ... both he and Scrivens (a) must be as mad as hell at this crazy talk, and (b) know in their heart of hearts that they met the challenge. Doing anything but playing these two guys would be absolute lunacy. [keep up the fantastic site] Mike

  34. Thanks for chiming in, Michael. I know not everyone agrees with me (or you) but I do think the environment around the Leaf goalies has changed without Allaire around.

    That aside, both goalies have done as you outlined: they have met (maybe even well surpassed, in some peopel's minds) expectations. The organization- whether it really wanted to or not - ran with two "unproven" netminders. No, the final results have not been tabulated on their careers. Far from it. But for now, both have shown they deserve the faith of the fan base- and management.

    Now, that said, does that mean bringing in another goalie would disrupt all that? Well, to an extent, yes, it would. We can't play three goalies, so one would have to be traded, you would think.

    As I've said above, I can understand Nonis, like any GM, is looking at contingency planning, and wanting to consider an experienced guy in case of injury. And I can understand Nonis, also like any GM, always exploring ways to improve the team.

    But as many have noted here today, these two guys have brought us to this point. You need to get a chance to play to "get experience". You also need to be allowed to fall and get up again.

    It's a test of Nonis' managerial skills for sure. And we're all watching. Thanks Michael. (And thank you for the kind words about the site.)

  35. I think there's a really small window of opportunity for teams to win the cup in this league and that as soon as there's any kind of opportunity to do so it should be grasped. I'm worried that the Leafs are going to miss this opportunity by waiting and doing nothing.

    The club has cap space and it needs a proven NHL goalie, a good shut-down defenceman to help take some pressure off Phaneuf, and a big, strong, defensively-responsible possession center. Nonis needs to go out and acquire these pieces so that we can have a shot at the Cup.

    I don't care about Reimer's, Kessel's or Bozak's feelings or about how nice or Christian Reimer is - this is about winning the cup and 'feeling good' and rewarding good boys for being good boys and not screwing up too much is not the way to get there. Yes, Reimer's been ok this year and a few years back and yes, he's a really nice guy that everyone seems to like, but he is an inexperienced goalie that has been up and down and that noone sees as having the potential to be elite. The same goes for Scrivens. Leafs are a very young and fragile team with very young and fragile goalies. What happened last year can still happen this year and next - we need veteran presence and we need proven, experienced, hockey players to prevent that from happening.

    I really hope Nonis gets us Luongo or Kipper or Miller and trades away one of the current goalies and yes - Frattin, Bozak and/or McArthur for other pieces we need so that we can have a shot at the cup.

  36. Hard to know if your view is a minority opinion in Leafworld, leafdreamer, but thanks for taking to time to share it here. We'll know more about Nonis' intentions by tomorrow at this time.