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While the Grabbo mystery sends Leaf town a-flutter, a fun podcast for your listening pleasure…

Some work-related commitments will keep me away from my customary perch in front of a computer this weekend, so I likely will not be checking in and posting about our beloved blue and white. (I will try to find a TV set for the Montreal game, of course, if I can sneak away….)

I could not help but notice the latest in the “Grabbo “saga” on Friday.  Is he sick?  Is he angry?  Tired of playing for the Johnston Chiefs (or whatever the team from that old "Slapshot" movie was...), has he bolted the team in a fit of pique?

My guess is there are indeed issues at play here beyond an illness, but unhappy players have been around forever, even on “winning teams”.  Assuming he is healthy, as I posted yesterday I believe Grabovski can still be an important player for the Leafs in the playoffs.  How much would he love a shot at playing the Habs in a seven-game series? That alone would well be worth the price of admission.

Anyway, the Leafs are not home and cooled out, but we’d have to be men (and women) of little faith if we truly believed they would not cross the goal-line at this point.  Yes, I well recognize that the ‘goal-line’ should not just be a playoff berth, but in light of recent history, I’ll take it.  Not that anything more would be a 'bonus', because I think this is one of those years when the East is wide open, so who knows how they might do?

The Leafs have showed some mettle.  We can all, I’m sure, concede at least that.

Given my pending schedule and absence, I wanted to do a quick post and invite you to listen to the latest “Leaf Matters” podcast.  Our guest on Episode 53 is Mike Strobel of the Toronto Sun.  Mike is not a sports writer.  His regular column at the Sun ventures far and wide as he covers the Toronto scene.  But that makes him all the more engaging a guest, as he is in fact a long-time Maple Leaf follower (and fan), something mainstream media beat reporters and sports columnists can’t be. So he provides his own unique, non-political perspective.

I also wanted to mention some other recent episodes that featured fantastic guests.  #48 gave us a chance to chat with Miranda Furtado, the founder of the Babes Dig Balls web site and podcast.  Michael Traikos from the National Post was on Episode 49.  Episode 50 was our long-awaited fan-roundtable, while Episode 51 brought a visit from the man who created the popular Maple Leaf Hot Stove blog site, Alec Brownscombe.  Then Brian Huddle guested on Episode 52, with Strobel as our most recent interview subject.

Lots of good conversation, some solid insights and a few funny stories along the way.

You can catch the show on iTunes as well as the PodAlmighty Network.

In the meantime, we’ll see how the Leafs do against the Habs Saturday night.  If you want to share any thoughts by all mean post a comment and I’ll get to them as soon as I can!

I will look to resume normal posting sometime Sunday night.  Warm wishes until then…

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