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Check out Episode #62 of the “Leaf Matters” podcast, talking Bruins–Leafs with Paul Hendrick from LeafsTV…

I’ve said pretty much everything I have on my mind (so far, at least) with regard to the Bruins-Leaf playoff match-up in recent posts (click here and here if you missed anything...).  But there was some rather interesting insight offered up by long-time Leafs TV voice Paul Hendrick on our (with co-host Matteo Codispoti from We Want a Cup) latest  “Leaf Matters” podcast.

While Paul is employed by MLSE and the Leafs, he nonetheless provides a unique perspective on the blue and white, and you may well enjoy his commentary during this particular episode—as we look back at the series so far but, as importantly, look ahead to Game 4 and beyond.

Among many other topics, we chat about Bozak, van Riemsdyk, Kadri, slowing down Krejci, Horton and Lucic and and whether the Bruins can be beat. (Yes, they can.)

We are also scheduled to chat tomorrow with one of the finest (and longest-standing) hockey bloggers around, Lyle Richardson from Spector’s Hockey.  Lyle is an informed and very well-connected hockey guy, and I look forward to his thoughts on the series so far, and his preview of Game 4 in Toronto.  So I invite you to be on the lookout for Episode #63, which should be out early on Wednesday.

Both shows are (or will be) available on iTunes and on the emerging PodAlmighty Network.

I hope you are enjoying the show!


  1. Glad I was InTimeFor EPISODE 62 - great to hear Henny's perspective as the interviewee.

    Lotsa' great comments - thanks for bringing these special opportunities to us, guys!

    I, too, think we have a real chance to learn and build on progress thus far in the playoffs. The guys now have the first home game under their belts... it's almost like we're ticking off a checklist of situations that are met, chalked up to 'experience' and removed (flushed) as so much 'distraction' and 'white noise'.

    Despite the errors and 2 losses, I have a real sense of 'possibilities' for the rest of the series and I'm glad to hear that someone so close to the team feels it, too. No sense of panic, just challenges to be faced...

    1. Glad you were able to catch this episode, InTimeFor62- appreciate the play on words, as well.

      Hendrick is employed by the team and no doubt must be somewhat measured in his judgments. But at the same time, he is close to the players and has a genuine sense of what they deal with every day in this market. So his perspective rings authentic, and is important to hear.

      Thanks for the good words, InTimeFor62. Game 4 awaits...