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A lawsuit, TV rights and Leaf talk on Episode 17 of “The Maple Leaf Hangout”

Given the subjects of the day (a major announcement from the NHL about TV rights and a lawsuit launched by former NHL players), we sought some legal input for Episode 17 of “The Maple Leaf Hangout”.

Lawyer Elliot Saccucci joined Michael Stephens and I for a conversation around the big Rogers Sportsnet “win” and the legal action by ex-players, including 1980s Maple Leafs Rick Vaive and Gary Leeman.  But we didn’t neglect some fun conversation about the blue and white, either.  If you have a few minutes before the Leaf matchup with the Pens Wednesday night, sit back and have a listen.


  1. As I was enjoying the "Hangout" with a black cat, Michael, in my lap ( his name really is Michael, I'm not kidding! ) and I thought suddenly to myself- "Is that a black cat snoozing in the chair behind you?"
    Interesting discussion tonight. I'm wondering with Lupul out which younger player you think may draw into the line-up against Pittsburgh. I'd like to see Smith, Ashton or Holland so I expect it will be Bodie. I like the energy and enthusiasm these players can bring to a game. It's frustrating to see Smith, for instance, play so well and then sit in the press box. C.N.

    1. You saw correctly, C.N.! (Good name for your cat, by the way!)

      Yes, I too anticipate seeing a fresh face in the lineup tonight. They have options. All should be wanting to impress. Though goodness knows the entire lineup should be wanting to impress after Monday night...

  2. With Rogers shelling all this dough around, they should hire you guys to do a Leaf program. What a far better alternative than listening to Kypreos and McLean pollute the airwaves.