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Chatting about “The Maple Leafs of My Youth”

Just last week I mentioned I had the opportunity to chat with someone I have long enjoyed listening to who is part of the mainstream Toronto sports media—Bryan Angus. Bryan is a tremendously knowledgable sports commentator and a wonderful story-teller. I was naturally pleased when Bryan invited me onto his morning show on “The Next Sports Star” online network to talk hockey and also to discuss my new eBook, “The Maple Leafs of My Youth: what being a Leaf fan means to me”. There are few things I enjoy more than discussing great names from Leaf days past like Eddie Chadwick or George Armstrong and Dave Keon (lower right).

I’ve mentioned the book here a few times and will continue to, because it was a major project in my life and something that took a significant amount of time and work to pull together.  I’m sure most readers/visitors here can understand why I am keen to promote the book!

It has been especially rewarding to hear from a few of you who have taken the time to let me know that you have purchased and downloaded (and enjoyed, thankfully) “The Maple Leafs of My Youth”.  My belief in writing this book (beyond the personal joy I derived from the project) was that those who for many years have visited VLM and have said how much they appreciate the site and the chance to post here would in turn support my efforts to maintain this site by checking out the book. And I want to thank those who have done just that. I appreciate your support a great deal. 

As I mentioned recently, the book is now available on Amazon Kindle (preview page is here) and also on Apple iBooks/iTunes.

And if you’d like to listen to my conversation with Bryan (hearing Bryan’s stories alone will make the time you spend worthwhile) here is the show link to our recent interview.

If you’d like to contact me, my e-mail is

Warm wishes.


  1. I really enjoyed this interview, Michael.
    I was born into a Leaf family and I remember so many Saturday nights spent together around the T.V. watching the Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada. And also many times my Dad remarking " Why are they showing Montreal again tonight?!" We'd still watch the game but what a disappointment, and another week until we'd see the Leafs again. The high-lite of the month was my brother's Hockey Illustrated arriving in the mail and waiting my turn to read it. In those days seeing the game, watching sports reports, and reading the local paper was all we could get. It's so much easier now to see and read about the Leafs and yet it's still not enough. C.N.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the chat with Bryan, C.N. He is such an engaging story-teller.

      I can very much relate to your comments today. Saturday night hockey (where I lived, we always got the Leafs, so that was good- though not for my Dad, who was a Habs guy...) was something to look forward to all week.

      And I well remember Hockey Illustrated. It was such a treat when Dad would pick up a copy for me. Those were the days, eh, C.N.....