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Talking Leafs with longtime broadcaster Bryan Angus

Bryan Angus has long been a favourite of mine.  The veteran producer and radio host is an engaging, passionate, interesting voice to hear on the radio, so it was neat indeed when he invited me to join him on his morning show on “The Next Sports Star” network to chat about my eBook, “The Maple Leafs of My Youth: what beinga Leaf fan means to me”.

It was a wonderful chat.  Bryan is Scottish (through and through) and proudly so.  His Dad came over from Scotland many years ago and became, interestingly enough, as Bryan outlines in our discussion, a devoted Leaf fan.  Bryan knows all about sports rivalries, being raised in the midst of the Celtic-Rangers soccer debate ‘back home’ that still lasts to this day back—just as the Toronto-Montreal hockey rivalry has never really died here. He knew exactly what I was talking about when I raised great old-time Leaf names like Eddie Chadwick and Frank Mahovlich (right).

In any event it was a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with a fellow who knows his sports and also knows what it means to be a passionate supporter of a team—for life. My thanks to Bryan, who for many years was a fixture as a producer and sometimes on-air talent at The Fan 590 in Toronto. (If a link to the interview on today's show becomes available in the show archives, I'll include it here if I can.)

Those interested in the “The Maple Leafs of My Youth” can check it out on iTunes, or now on Amazon Kindle. The tremendously positive feedback has been much appreciated.


  1. Michael,

    As I have been reading your book, “The Maple Leafs of My Youth: what being a Leaf fan means to me”, I am struck by just how much all hockey fans have in common. Very recently, after one of our discussions about players on the Leafs returning from injury at VLM. I took a few minutes with a pad and pen and scratched out a tentative lineup for our beloved Blue and White. I have done this for both baseball and hockey for as long as I can remember. Reading your recollections of stories from your youth, brought back many more of my own. Including playing hockey on some of the same bodies of water that you played on in Southwestern Ontario.

    Thank you for writing, sharing your memories with us is truly a blessing. Any regular readers of VLM would certainly enjoy the stories you have graciously chosen to share. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who appreciates this site to give the ebook a read. Its more than worth the modest asking price.

    1. I appreciate your saying that about the book, Jim, thank you. I certainly hope people enjoy the memories but the real thing I hope to draw out for those who read it as that, as fans, we do have so much in common. You make that point so well. My memories are precious to me, but everyone has their own cherished memories- either playing the sport they love with friends on a pond or rink and/or cheering for a team - the Leafs or anyone else - and the players who meant so much to us.

      Like you, I have spent plenty of time over the years writing down my own version of possible lines and lineups- ever changing with the reality of injuries, slumps and trades that happen from one season to the next. It's a part of the fun of us being fans of a particular team.

      Thank you for your support Jim- I hope others will find it a worthwhile read as well.