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Some Christmas time Leaf reading?

 Over the past while I’ve mentioned a few times that some Leaf fans might enjoy my eBook called, “The Maple Leafs of My Youth: what being a Leaf fan means to me”.  Those who have connected with me after reading the book have offered up some very gratifying comments.

One question I have received often is:  will it be available in traditional book form?  The answer is, unfortunately, no.  But it is now available on so many electronic platforms, those who have the available technology should find downloading the book very straightforward.

To recap, the book is available as an “iBook” on Apple iTunes on an iPad.  If you have an Apple computer, you can download the Mavericks Operating system (I believe it’s free) and read the book right on your computer.

“The Maple Leafs of My Youth” is also available on Amazon Kindle. (I’m not much for understanding how any of this technology works, but I’m told you can download a Kindle “app” for free here—

I think that covers the various downloading options. But I’ll offer up a few more direct links to make things even easier:

Click for:

I get such a kick out of chatting with fellow long-time Leaf supporters and have genuinely enjoyed connecting with those who have already read the book.  I'm biased, of course, but I really believe if people give it a try, they may just like it.

I’m working on Volume II, but still have some work to do to make hockey fans aware Volume I exists!

Thanks to everyone who has supported my book--a special Merry Christmas to you!

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