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The Vintage Leaf Memories Podcast - Episode 1

For some time now I've been planning to do what I'll call a 'stand-alone' podcast, something a bit different than other podcasts I am or have been a part of.  I enjoyed being connected with the earlier shows I’ve done (or still am still doing with my colleagues at Maple Leaf Hot Stove, which is our “Maple Leaf Hangout” internet program). Some of you may recall that when I first started VLM many years ago, I posted an occasional new "interview" from time to time with individuals like ex-Leaf coach Pat Quinn, former Leafs Dickie Moore and Jim Dorey and legendary writer Red Fisher. I still may do that from time to time.

This is just, again, something a bit different.

My intent is indeed to do a solo show, while hosting a program where I am not concerned with trying to “entertain”.  I just want to sit back, be myself and talk about the Leafs I knew—and know.  So there will be a lot of old-time Leaf and hockey stories/memories shared and as a result, it won’t be a show for everyone.  If you don’t enjoy listening to just one person talking, this is definitely not for you. 

I well understand that most Leaf supporters want to chat about the current Leafs and I get that, of course.  But for me, the present can only be understood when informed to some degree by the past.  In this case, that means understanding and knowing at least something about Leaf history, as well as the legacy of those players, coaches and fans who brought us to this moment in the organization’s proud—if sometimes flawed—history.

Anyway, if you enjoy it, great.  If it’s not your cup of tea, I will understand that, too.

The podcast will hopefully be up on iTunes very soon.  In the meantime, you can listen to the podcast by visiting the following URL:

(P.S., please forgive any technical glitches.  This technology largely eludes me, so if it doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll get my helpers – family members who understand the many things about technology that I simply don’t – to try to rectify things.)


  1. When you start looking like an old man, you'll be the (Great) Grandpa who brings the savour of reality to the stories that could only, otherwise, be garnered from books (or even, e-books :)... As the wisdom-seeking progeny gather at the foot of your rocking chair, marveling at the memories you have stored (like the culture that was preserved by memorization in Fahrenheit 451), we can only say... thanks for sharing and bringing depth to our life experiences.

    I enjoyed 'sitting with you' for a while and experiencing the fond memories of Bert Olmstead (of whom, my father also spoke...)

    1. Kind of you to say that, InTimeFor62. As I mentioned, I know this won't be a "show" (I don't know what to call it, exactly) for everyone. But hopefully a few people will enjoy it. (And yes, it often does all start with our Dads...)

    2. It matters not what you 'call it' - just that it 'is'...

      But if you're interested in a suggestion, the image I had was 'By/At the Fireside'... when people take the time to slow down and appreciate one another and listen to our stories...

    3. I like that. I've been thinking about a name, and that may evolve as I do more of these. But I like the feeling that it conjures, which is, in part, what I'd like to convey with this project. Thanks.

    4. Maybe even just "Fireside stories" (it can be at home/cabin by the fireplace or by the lake or a winter bonfire, etc - which is further afield from my original thought) where the focus is the feeling that the stories invoke. Probably what you were already feeling, just thought this might help a bit in the process of finding the right one for you!

      It's great that you provide a 'throw back' to times when things were simpler... felt a little like Mayberry (North) - thanks again for the time you take to give feedback, too :)