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The Vintage Leaf Memories Podcast - Episode 3

It’s interesting how long we remember some things, isn’t it?  In the latest Vintage Leaf Memories podcast, one moment triggered a flood of memories for me.  It happened in Game 1 of the 1961 Stanley Cup playoffs (semi-finals) between the Leafs and Detroit Red Wings.  Though I wasn’t even watching on television, the warm memory lingers.

I’ll let the podcast itself provide the details...

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  1. There! I finally found some time to listen to this. In '61 I would have been 2 years old but I do remember some favourite players from this era that were still around when I began watching. Several, like Ullman who went on to join the Leafs. My brother, 2 sisters and I all had hockey nicknames. I was "Colleenacher". Thanks for this, Michael.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to listen, Colleen. (Childhood nicknames can bring back warm memories, if they were positive. My oldest brother - huge Hab fan - called me "Rocket" and I loved it.)