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“The Vintage Leaf Memories Podcast” – Episode 9

I think everyone who follows the musings here at VLM recognizes that my first love as a longtime hockey observer is chatting about “the old days”.  Sometimes doing that is even more fun if the current Leafs are doing not too badly.  So on the heels of the 3-2 win over the Lightning, I reflected on some fond old-time Leaf memories.

One such recollection jumped out at me: a somewhat shocking playoff series win from almost forty years ago, when the Leafs had no business winning that particular series.  There were some unusual factors at the time that gave their surprise victory a neat twist—details I try to explain in Episode 9 of “The Vintage Leaf Memories Podcast”.

I don’t want to give away the ending, but I’ll just say the team the Leafs faced in the first round of the playoffs in the spring of ’75 had quite an array of recognizable hockey names sprinkled throughout the roster.  That roster included rugged Dan Maloney (right, shown with the Red Wings), who later went on to coach the blue and white, as did another of his teammates at the time.

I hope you enjoy the program!


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