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Episode 27 of “The Maple Leaf Hangout”

With the Leafs suddenly teetering on the slippery edge of the playoff picture, Episode 27 of “The Maple Leaf Hangout” looks at a peculiar Leaf-related Twitter issue and what the blue and white have to do to ensure themselves a place in the upcoming spring tournament.

Our guest is Marco Perruzza, founder and host of the popular “Hope in the Big Smoke” Maple Leaf blog site.

I hope you enjoy Episode 27.


  1. You know what I think about Reimer so I'm not going to go on about it - I'll just say I'm glad he's gone and done with and I'm glad it's now while we still have a chance and not later in the playoffs when it really counts.

    It sounds like the rest of the team is solid and united around the management, the coaching staff and the leadership on the team. The big boss came out and said he has faith in the team and I'm glad he did that. He is getting results from the Raptors and the TFC and the Leafs are not out yet.

    I was very optimistic at the beginning of the season and I continued to believe throughout the season that the Leafs have what it takes to win the Cup this year. I'm not going to lie and say that I don't have doubts at this point and that I'm not scared right now but I still believe that we have what it takes and I still have faith in the management, the coaching staff and the leaders on the ice. To be more specific - I think the system is 'the real deal' and that we have the roster that is able to deliver - a roster that is admittedly a little on the thin side (as we've witnessed when we lost our centers and later the starting goalie) - but nonetheless a roster that is capable of executing the vision of the coach Carlyle.

    The last 5 games were all one goal games and in each of the contests we contended with some bad luck and one or two goals that should not have gone in. Hockey really is a game of inches and bounces. It's too bad that, at this point, we're counting on luck to get us into the playoffs but I think we are due for some small measure of it. A combination of finally getting the roster that Carlyle envisioned in the summer (key components being a strong goalie, a strong checking line centered by Bolland and the skilled first line) and a little luck should get us there. I'm hopeful again. I think we'll make the playoffs and surprise everybody once we get there.

    We will beat the Blues tonight.

  2. That was an interesting Hangout, Michael. I really enjoyed it. I'll have to visit the website.
    It looks like Columbus has taken our playoff spot. I wish the Leafs had played the whole game like they did the 3rd period. The first two were brutal, and so was Dion (I still think he's injured), though a few like McClement did their best and came close. Not much to do now but see how it all plays out. C.N.